Friday, July 14, 2017

Food Flavored Artist: Swedish Death Candy

I dozed off last night while watching American Anarchist, the documentary about author William Powell. While I was sleeping I had this crazy dream that Malcolm Mooney, Tony Iommi and Willy Wonka started a band together. At one of their practices the three got the crazy idea to take a break and cook up some recipes from Wonka's copy of The Anarchist Cookbook. They started with Powell's version of homemade napalm. When the napalm was finished, Wonka hid it in his drum kit. He took it back to his lab and turned in into a batch of Swedish fish.

At this point in the dream, I woke up. As I stumbled back to my bed I thought to myself, damn man, that dream needs some sort of soundtrack.

This morning I logged into my email and I got that soundtrack. It comes courtesy of the band Swedish Death Candy. Their new single "Oh My" is a psych-pop killer. The song starts humbly with an organ a la the Doors. Then the crunching, heavy riffs, clanging cymbals and fuzz pedals take over. At some point singer Louis begins dropping lines of the fleeting nature of love and beauty and taking a chance on something before its luster fades.

The fuzziness of "Oh My" reminds me a lot of UK fuzz band Eat Fast who had an impressive run of singles last year. I'm hoping that means that Swedish Death Candy can make the second half of 2017 their year.

Let 'er rip: