Saturday, July 15, 2017

Click (Music): Sacred Hearts Club, Punk Super Groups, Plastic Picnics and Nine Inch Nails

"Miss It Still" by Plastic Picnic

A picnic in paradise. Edible flowers strewn all over a plastic tablecloth laid out in the sand. A delivery guy riding a scooter bringing bags full of Cuban food. Fried yucca. Yellow rice. Black beans. Garlic dipping sauce. Crushed styrofoam containers ditched underneath the lifeguard chair.

That's "Miss It Still," the first ever release from Roll Call Records new singles label Highland Park.

"Here With You" by Lost Frequencies & Netsky

Brunch at a tiny cafe located alongside the riverwalk. People dodging in and out. You hardly notice because it is just you, her (or him) and the giant Belgian waffle covered with fresh fruit compote. A street performer comes up and busts a move. This time you do notice. You offer him a waffle as payment. He takes it down the street holding it like a wrapped burrito in his hands.

That's "Here With You" by Belgian hit machine Lost Frequencies and producer Netsky.

"Glass" by Sunset Lines

A dingy bar. A weird stained glass window stuffed into the corner of the men's (or women's) room. Your favorite guilty pleasure starts playing on the jukebox. You grab a hot chocolate from one of those 70's style vending machines and make your way to the dance floor.

That's "Glass," the debut single from San Francisco based Sunset Lines.

 "Bicep" by TR/ST

A narcissist suffering from an elongated battle with impurity and worthlessness. Taking a walk through a field in the middle of nowhere. Picking wild onions. Stirring them into a soup that is left behind uneaten because of a lack of hunger.

This is "Bicep" by Toronto based musician TR/ST.


"Legends" by Sleeping With Sirens

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, your new official song for Team USA on their road to the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics..."Legends" by Sleeping With Sirens.

"Less Than" by Nine Inch Nails

A lyric video in which the lyrics are written in a video game. How awesome of an idea is that!

"Witches" by Good Kid

A lyric video in which the lyrics are written in a video game. How awesome of an idea is that! Wait, what? Didn't I hear that somewhere else recently?

I do think I'd rather play this one.

"That Thing" by Hazel English

Hazel English's video for "That Thing" is an ominous experience in isolation. The lone figure on screen throughout is English and she finds herself sitting on a bed, in an empty theater and swimming in a pool. At every twist and turn it almost seems as if the person watching the video shouldn't be there, like you are some dirty peeping tom. The exception seems to be the theater. There it was the shadowy figure on the stage that seemed like they didn't belong.

The filmmakers for this video, Kelia Anne and Luca Venter did an awesome job with the colors. Each scene and outfit have connects which just adds to the eeriness.

"If There Was Ever A Time" by Armstrongs

The "super group" called Armstrongs consists of two famous elder Armstrongs and two of their younger relatives. We've got Tim Armstrong. Tim has spent the last three decades in band's such as Operation Ivy, Rancid and the Transplants. Accompanying Tim in Armstrongs is his nephew Rey. And we've got Billie Joe Armstrong. Billie Joe has been in Pinhead Gunpowder, Foxboro Hot Tubs, The Network and, most famously, Green Day. Accompanying Billie Joe in Armstrongs is his son Joey (of SWMRS fame).

Armstrongs first release "If There Was Ever A Time" is being released via Hellcat Records. All proceeds from the song, yes 100 percent of them, will got to 924 Gilman: a DIY, nonprofit, all-ages venue for music, art, and community events in Berkeley, California.

"Sit Next to Me" by Foster the People

Only one week left until the release of Foster the People's new album Sacred Hearts Club. Seems like the perfect time for a new single. So here it is:

"Don't Delete the Kisses" by Wolf Alice

This video confused me for about two minutes when I first saw it. I hit play and immediately clicked into a new tab. Every time I looked back at the tab with this video the picture was the same but the music continued to play. I couldn't figure out why my computer was glitching so bad. Turns out, it wasn't my computer. This video has no movement in it. "Don't Delete the Kisses" comes from Wolf Alice's upcoming album, due out in September. Of course, you could go ahead and pre order the album and get "Don't Delete the Kisses" as an instant gratification gift single. Your call. Are you patient? Or not?

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