Thursday, July 6, 2017

Artist's Cookbook: What's Cooking With Aggressive Swans?

There is this story that was thrown around a lot during my childhood. It was the story of my Great-Great Uncle Istanbul. Istanbul used to leave church every Sunday and head straight to the lake to do some canoeing. One Sunday he took a lady friend along. The two of them rowed too close to a swan. The swan attacked, capsizing the canoe and breaking Istanbul's hand. Thanks to some quick work by his lady friend, Istanbul survived, though he never returned to the water. He sold his canoe and took up bicycling. Through this story I learned two things: when you entertain a lady in a canoe make sure she is a strong swimmer and stay away from aggressive swans.

I heeded this advice of staying away from aggressive swans until June 15th, of this year. That was when I received a Facebook message from a two-piece alternative pop band based out of Munich who called themselves Aggressive Swans. Oh wait, you thought I meant that I actually went near the wild animal swan? Ha ha, yeah, fuck that shit. Not happening.

Janko Raseta and Christopher Chlupacek, the two people who make up Aggressive Swans, are both classically trained musicians. As a band, they write music without compromises. They fuse elements of modern pop and electronica, with the spirit (and instrumentation) of the 80’s and psychedelic constructs and melodies of the 70's. Aggressive Swans further define their sound with clear riffs, vocals that are both demonstrative and memorable and lapping waves of synths. You can try the band's debut single, “Every Teardrop,” on for size at the bottom of this post.

Before we go there (although you are welcome to scroll and jump at your own pace) let's hit up the kitchen. Both Janko and Christopher are crazy about cooking. So I asked the band to share a recipe, one that possesses some of the same creative components as "Every Teardrop"? Aggressive Swans responded with one of their favorites: Aggressive Swans' Walnut, Cranberry and Blue Cheese Pasta.

Now on to the single:

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