Sunday, February 26, 2017

Food Flavored Video: Patriarchy Tripping in the Food Desert According to Diet Cig and Dreamers

Before getting into the post, I have a quick disclaimer:

While I normally reserve food flavored video posts to one new video that features some kind of food encounter in it, I decided that this post required a two pack. For reasons that will soon become obvious, I saw some similarities in the settings of Diet Cig's video for "Tummy Ache" and Dreamers video for "Sweet Disaster." My editor wasn't too happy (think about the blog hits, man!) but it just made too much sense.

Diet Cig has had enough of all this girly sleepover trash that seems to rule the world of literature, movies and television. Just because a group of females decide to spend the night together, doesn't mean that they have to just talk boys, do each others nails, freeze bras and have pillow fights. The band's new video for "Tummy Ache" splices scenes of a day-in-the-life of them as touring musicians with the story of some girls having a sleepover. The girls, played by members of the Willie Mae Rock Camp in NYC and Girls Rock Philly, subvert the girly sleepover idea by turning it into a zine making, convenience store food eating, patriarchy smashing craft fest. Diet Cig wanted to show that there is "power in friendship and while it may be hard to be a punk while wearing a skirt," the band is loud, powerful and always ready to show up.

"Tummy Ache" is featured on Diet Cig's upcoming debut album, Swear I'm Good At This, coming out on April 7th via Frenchkiss Records. The band will be touring the world in support of the album and in support of the next generation of young female rock musicians. They will share the stage at a handful of shows with Girl's Rock Camp affiliated camp bands and other young musicians (at the shows in DC, Richmond, Carborro and Atlanta).

Just the noise:

Just like with "Tummy Ache," the video for "Sweet Disaster" by Dreamers finds itself in the aisles of its local convenience store. The difference is that while "Tummy Ache" only hung their for a bit as it had better places to go, "Sweet Disaster" decided just to go ahead and make a night of it. According guitarist/vocalist Nick Wold, this is because the video is meant to pay homage to the movie Clerks. The video was filmed all night at a corner store in Echo Park (Los Angeles). Nelson (bass/vocals), Jacob (drums) and Marissa Luck play the store clerks, while Nick plays all the customers. Everything is going pretty par for the course, you know shotgunning Red Bulls and sword fighting with Slim Jims, until the slushy machine breaks. Then the eggs get faces, the Slim Jims become glow sticks and bubbles appear EVERYWHERE. Why the trippy take on Clerks? Nick suggested that "With all the serious stuff going on in the world we wanted to use the video to escape reality, and hopefully laugh for a few minutes. The video is about the inner mind of all dreamers, as they live out their own sweet disasters in every day life."

"Sweet Disaster" is from the band's 2016 release This Album Does Not Exist. They are currently touring with the Griswolds in support of it.

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