Sunday, February 19, 2017

Click (Music): Me Not You, Felicity, Jay Som and Lettuce Wraps

"Relief" by Me Not You

When “Relief” by Little Daylight turned Me Not You members Nikki Taylor and Eric Zeiler crossed my desk, I was two week's deep in one of those gluten overload diets. It was all pasta soup and sandwiches all the time. "Relief" opened my eyes to how bad I was feeling from all that gluten. The track's crunchy, dynamic pop-rock got me thinking, how can I free myself from this painful eating rut I've created? Crunch...crunch...crunch. Then it dawned on me, the solution to all my problems was lettuce wraps.

According to Nikki Taylor, "Relief" is indeed all about a painful, yet freeing experience. Her's had nothing to do with gluten though. It was more along the lines of getting kicked out of Catholic High School. "Relief" was written to capture the "anxiety-ridden catharsis" that marked that period of her life.

"Pilot With a Fear of Heights" by Felicity

The idea behind Felicity's “Pilot With A Fear Of Heights” came from a flight into New York. She was looking out the window and realized how high the plane was. She started thinking about fears, how people have different ones and that a fear of heights is not really that uncommon. This is where her imagination took over. What if a pilot was afraid of heights? What if people are so destined for something and yet are so afraid to fulfill it? She was so tickled by this thought that she turned it into a song. When I think about this idea of not fulfilling something because of fear my mind quickly shifts to mushrooms. I know lots of people that are so scared of mushrooms because of their texture, growing style or look. This fear, at some moments, does not allow mushrooms to fulfill their destiny. It is a destiny that, when done absolutely right, should be full of pine nuts, pistachios and, of course, lettuce.

"1 Billion Dogs" by Jay Som

Thanks to an interview with Jay Som (aka Melina Duterte) on Pitchfork, I now know that cat cafe's are a thing. This, in turn, led me to the lettuce wrap of my dreams. If you are more of a dog fan, I'm sure you can just wrap a vegan hot dog in lettuce and call it a meal.

"Ego" by Milky Chance

"Ego" is a carefree, tropically-tinged track about a "distance that is impossible to overcome." This is Milky Chance's strength, their ability to display the painful realities of being human in a way that is smooth, fun and easy to bob your head to. In lettuce wrap form, "Ego" looks like this minus the chicken and cilantro (ugh, gag, gouge my tastebuds out with soap and water).

"Don't Get It" by Empty Lungs

Empty Lungs want you to know this: '"Don't Get It" is a fuck you to a culture that warps young people into thinking that self-image and selfishness are the core values of our modern society. Those kinds of attitudes create an atmosphere that alienates anyone that doesn’t fit the mold. The youth culture that we love revolves around tolerance, art, activism and social change. Unfortunately these aren’t the dreams being sold to many of us.'

A quick Google search of "art, activism and lettuce wraps" brought me to this fantastic looking wrap. It also showed me that there is a real need to continue to explore the political side of the lettuce wrap.


"Paris" by The Chainsmokers

Yes, you can find Paris inspired lettuce wraps. Unfortunately they are full of canned fish.

"Fucked Up Young" by the Dirty Nil

Hamilton rock 'n' roll trio The Dirty Nil will be releasing a number of tracks from their back catalogue on April 28 (via Fat Wreck Chords). The album, entitled, Minimum R&B is comprised of eleven tracks from a combination of 7's (including the fabulous "Guided by Vices") and the Smite EP. It will also include one new track. The compilation’s inspiration was “fuelled by broken vintage fuzz pedals, girls night out wine, smashing reverb tanks with hammers, a small lake of black coffee, general negligence, recording vocals naked, beer, blood, broken bones, broken instruments, broken ears, inescapable loudness, screaming, unresolved girl problems, exposed wiring, no shoes, making our producers drink more than they wanted to, and a dozen donuts.”

Unfortunately, for me, no one wraps donuts (or coffee) in lettuce.

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