Saturday, February 4, 2017

Click (Music): Powers, Turn to Crime, Zuzu and Loose Buttons

"Dance" by Powers

I remember exactly where I was the first time I heard "Dance" by Powers. I was preparing to step foot in the adult ball pit at BallieBallerson in London. A drunk dude decided to run into the lady that was in line right in front of me. All of a sudden a riot broke out. Things got way out of hand. I decided to forgo the balls and just head upstairs for a bottomless batch of veggie balls and spaghetti. It was there that my bluetooth accidentally took over the restaurant's soundsystem and sent the highly energetic, nineties-style guitar driven, dancefloor call-to-arms playing for all to hear. I paid a huge fine to the band for releasing the song before it was cool to do so all those balls fly fast and furious like made it all so worth it.

"Between Brick Walls" by Loose Buttons

I know exactly where I was when I first heard "Between Brick Walls" by the Loose Buttons. Me and my girl were still knee deep in dragging out the very dead corpse of our relationship. I couldn't let go, she couldn't let go, even though we knew things weren't right. I challenged her to an animal cracker and cheez whiz eating contest (vegan of course) and she won. Right at that moment, possibly the lowest I had ever felt, the bluetooth on her phone kicked in and "Between Brick Walls" started playing. I heard frontman Eric Nizgretsky's admission of making a mistake and trying to keep a dead relationship alive just because he was "insecure about being alone" buried beneath an Arctic Monkeys-esque delivery. I decided to face that dreaded loneliness head on.

I took my vegan cheez whiz with me but left behind the animal crackers. I wasn't going to make this break anything less than amicable.

"Sand Drone" by Eat Fast

I know exactly where I was when I first heard "Sand Drone" by Eat Fast. I was having some huge fight with an old lady at the bar. She told me that young people were "lazy and out of touch with the economic reality of our times." I said that I knew a lot of "smart, creative people my age that were being brickwalled and stifled while picking up the bill of the last generation. It saddened me." All of a sudden her phone rang, it was her daughter asking to borrow some money. The old lady's ringtone?

"Sand Drone."

"Thick as Thieves" by The Menzingers

I know exactly where I was when I first heard "Thick as Thieves" by the Menzingers. I was at a local art gallery being painted by some artist. I flirted with her, she flirted with me. I planned on giving her a huge ass tip and my phone number. Turns out she was an abstract artist. She put my nose where my ears were supposed to be, made my head into a straight line and made my nude body so much less appealing than I thought it should be. I refused to pay her. She rummaged through her paint supply box and pulled out a portable stereo. "Thick as Thieves" started blasting. I guess this refusal to pay thing happened a lot.

"Chasing" by Turn to Crime

I know exactly where I was the first time I heard "Chasing" by Turn to Crime. My band, Face The Church, was having our very first practice ever. The lead guitarist started playing this song and, despite none of the rest of us having ever heard it, we covered it almost exactly like this. Who says near death experiences don't create altered senses in people? Right OA?


"What You Want" by Zuzu

Because who doesn't spend their days seeking out existential detectives?

"Wild Ones" by Crusoe

You've probably heard the new song from Crusoe, "Wild Ones." I mean it has only been on like every television show ever. It was on "The Hills," "Degrassi," "Born This Way," and Season 2 of the Netflix show "Love." I think I also remember it from a 90210 episode my sister made me watch years ago...or that could just be the trauma talking.

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