Monday, March 20, 2017

Cook: Sesame Oats with Mushrooms

It's spring break baby! That means I can pull myself out of the work induced coma I've been in since New Years and spend a little time cooking (and blogging).

Since 2017 became a thing (you remember how Mariah Carey sent 2016 out with a complete meltdown right?) I've been experimenting with the idea that cooking should be more of a drawn out ingredient variation process that can stretch for weeks on end versus a stand alone one moment in time episode.

What this means is that I have been leaning more towards buying a pile of ingredients, prepping them on the weekend and then making them the star of several different dishes during that week. This saves time, money and really helps fight the fatigue of the work week. 

A recent ingredient variation process involved mushrooms. They were on super deep discount mode at my local farmer's market so I stocked up. They then starred in a number of fabulous meals including pasta, soup and a sandwich. My favorite "one moment in time" moment of that week was when I paired the mushrooms with sesame oil, soy sauce, veggie broth and oats. It was a savory masterpiece that was perfect for the rainy morning I made them. Better yet, after a long day of go, go, go, they made a great midnight slow down snack.