Thursday, July 7, 2016

Listen: Slinging Heaters from Transviolet, The Begbies and Total Slacker

What else makes America great (aside from those Sweet Corn and Green Chili Flautas)? Food and music pairing, that is what makes this country great. Put a pan full of those flautas in the oven and accompany them with:

So I checked out the Fader's premier of the new Transviolet track, "LA Love," and I see how those guys have stepped on my toes a bit. They explain how this track is "bubbly" and "melts in your ears." They then recommend sipping some lemonade or eating some ice cream while the track plays. Yo, Fader, step back. Leave it to the food and music pairing professionals here. Yeah the track is "sweet" but it isn't the overly saturated sweetness that you get from an ice cream cone. It has a more nuanced sweetness to it. That's why I think it represents sweet corn more than ice cream or lemonade. Lyrically, "LA Love" is about the love hate relationship that Transviolet has with LA. It drops lines like "LA love burns like the summer sun" or is "hot like a loaded gun." See the heat symbolism going on? Where's the heat in a cold glass of lemonade or an ice cream cone? Now these flautas, they pack some heat with the green chilis. Bam! That's how you pair track to dish. By the way, Transviolet will be hitting the states in the fall. Check out the dates here. I, for one, am stoked to see they will be coming to St. Pete.

Just like those flautas blend the sweet and spicy, The Begbies play a blend of classic two-tone ska with indie influences (which they've dubbed skindie). The resulting music falls somewhere in the descriptive category of unique, energetic, fun and relatable. "It’s Just The Way" encapsulates The Begbies high octane sound as it brings together massive brass hooks, off-beat guitar, uplifting vocals and socially challenging lyrics. The track highlights the hypocrisy and selfishness of the political classes who’s indiscretions are dealt with differently than the masses.

Here's the brand new video for "It's Just The Way":

Just the sounds:

Last week, Brooklyn's Total Slacker announced the release of their third album Parallels (August 19th via ONErpm/Verge Records). The 11-track LP shows Total Slacker - the conceptual vehicle for Utah-native Tucker Rountree - moving into a new musical territory. Dialed back is Total Slacker's 90s-inspired adolescent angst, as Parallels features more of Rountree's jazz and semi-communal religious background. Check out lead single "Turn on the Lights":