Monday, July 4, 2016

Four for the Fourth: Vegan Whipped Cream

I don't even like whipped cream that much but yesterday, armed with a can full of aquafaba, I decided to make a batch. I took a half cup of aquafaba and a quarter cup of sugar, put them in my stand mixer and beat the living bean juice out of it for eleven minutes straight. I have to say, beat off aquafaba long enough and hard enough it will produce a really tasty white cream. As Michael Scott would say "That is totally not what she said." 

Any the who, here I am with a whole freezer full of whipped cream on the fourth of July. I've already slapped some daintily into my coffee this morning and layered some between slices french toast (also made with aquafaba). I have refrigerator full of berries so they will probably be getting the cream dream treatment as well. After that? Hmm...well, J-Fur is making a batch of bean and corn salad as well as a pasta salad. I bet those two could stand for a generous topping of whipped cream. I also have veggie burgers, Vegan Crunk's Cauliflower Gumbo and corn on the cob planned as well. Sounds like the perfect dishes to cover in cream. For the nightcap? Maybe a tofu, blueberry and chocolate pie with a dollop of whipped cream on top? Some vegan ice cream? Whipped cream out of the tub? I'm not sure, I just know that when it is the fourth of July and your freezer is full of sweet ass whipped cream, the sky is your oyster....or something like that.   

The four tracks I'll be enjoying on this fine fourth of July (all covered in cream)?

Louis the Child went for a simple ride on a cruise ship, wanting to "treat weekdays like the weekend." Next thing they know they are banging out the instrumental part of this song. When they returned to shore they got a hold of Icona Pop, had them drop some lines, and the rest, as they say, is 1776.

The video:

Last fourth of July it was White Reaper's "Last 4th of July" that got me all white and bothered. This year, it is White Lies. Their new single, "Take it Out on Me," was inspired by a "lunatic on Instagram who kept commenting on a friend’s photos in pseudo Biblical verse." The band did some digging and discovered that he lived in a remote cabin with a rough-looking dog. He put weird videos online where he quoted random numbers. As a challenge, White Lies turned those numbers into a song. The problem? The song worked so well. So lyricist, Charles Cave, went back and gave the song a real chorus and actual lyrics. "Take it Out on Me" is the first single from the band's upcoming, ten-track, Friends' album.

Burn Antares' new single "Young Gun" brings the fire to this fourth of July party. The song reminds me of the time that Blondie and David Bowie were shooting off fireworks together. Bowie was just fooling around and forgot to let go. Debbie Harry rushed in to help and, kaboom, both of them got the Jason Pierre Paul treatment. Doctors reattached their fingers although they accidentally gave Bowie's to Harry and vice versa. It was years before they were back in the same hospital and able to trade fingers back. So, the moral of the story, listen to Burn Antares, but remember to stand back. We don't need anyone else losing fingers up in here.

On July 15th, Swoon Records will be releasing Certainty, an LP from Seattle based indie/alternative rock band Sloucher.  The title track of that album, posted below, is the answer to a question I've pondered for years. What if Elliot Smith was like, you know, happy?

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