Friday, July 1, 2016

Cook: Sweet Corn and Green Chili Flautas

So I'm watching this election sh*t from a safe distance, like some rubbernecker two lanes over from all the chaos. I don't think I've ever seen such a train wreck. Neither candidate seems to be able to garner any likes on their pictures, both appear to be in the business of gathering you hate me the least votes.

During my rubbernecking last week I came across video from a Donald Trump rally in Arizona, a state well known for making some good tortilla recipes (well, at least that is what my wife says, I've never actually been there). At this rally, a white supremacist bro Trump supporter goes absolutely apesh*t on a Hispanic protester. He screamed things like: “Get the f*ck out of here — our country, motherf*cker, our country" and “Proud f*cking American! Made in USA bitch, made in f*cking USA!” Then, showing that the Arizona state flag that is tattooed on his back is more than just show, he drops a tortilla body slam on the man: “Go f*cking make my tortilla, motherf*cker,” (fresh with some sort of salute).

I gotta say, Trump's whole make America great again thing seems like some sort of Pandora's box. People have these racist, sexist feelings boiling inside but the latest version of America does not approve. So, they've hidden it (except for on anonymous message boards and amongst their like-minded companions). But Trump's run for presidency has made these people feel that it is okay to put that stuff out there again. I'm not sure it ever gets boxed again, no matter what the outcome of this election is.

Anyway, Wednesday night when J-Fur got home from work she was real hangry and she ordered me to "Go f*cking make my tortilla, mother*cker." So I cooked up these Sweet Corn and Green Chili Flautas from Thug Kitchen. I slightly altered things because I didn't have any canned chilis and I had a bunch of refried black beans. So I mashed the black beans and pinto beans together and left the chilis out.

It only took two bites and I was beating my chest screaming "This dish! This is what makes America great. Not whatever that Trump bro is dishing out!" J-Fur ageed.

Soundtrack this dish like this.