Thursday, June 23, 2016

Listen: Aqua Fab Tracks from Dive In and Ofelia K.

In a kitchen full of blueberry aquafaba donuts, here's what plays on rabbit eared stereos:

Aquafaba you say? Hmm...I could've continued to drain that sh** away. Instead I chose to save it, Dive right In and make vegan magic happen. This kind of magic is punchy, powerful and a real pop banger. It also pulls a rabbit from a hat at the exact moment that I decided to finally exit the kitchen and gift my donuts to the world. Dive In's "Rush Of The Night" shares some adjectives with the aquafaba donuts. It punches and bangs like an epic pop tune. The song does differ slightly from the recipe in that it holds a special place in the band's heart. That's because it signifies the point at which they took their music from the studio and offered it to the world. Wait? That's not a difference. Conceptually, "Rush of the Night" is about being in a situation / relationship that you know isn’t good for you and yet you find yourself unable to leave it. That's the world before aquafaba as far as I'm concerned.

LA songstress Ofelia K. describes her new song "I Love My Lawyer" as being about an unlikely, deep connection with another person. It is a song that is a sheep in wolves clothing…fun and brave, but sad and desperate underneath. I wouldn't call my donuts sheep in wolves clothing though the certainly exhibit the same sort of surface fun and core desperation. Maybe calling them garbanzo juice in an egg shell is more appropriate?