Friday, June 24, 2016

Food Flavored Song: A Living Human Girl by The Regrettes

“There are times when you feel really insecure and you really don’t like yourself, so I wrote it ("A Living Human Girl") for people who feel that and I wrote it for myself. I just felt like there wasn’t a song like that out there. A song that if I was feeling super shitty about myself, that I could listen to. I wanted something that would make girls and boys feel confident.” -Lydia Night 
Lydia Night is the outspoken front woman for perfectly imperfect LA punk band the Regrettes. The band blends song writing that is both "brazen" and "unabashed" with a pop aesthetic reminiscent of 50's and 60's acts like the Temptations, Buddy Holly or any of those bubblegum pop bands that you currently can't remember the name of.

A blending like this could easily melt in ones face. I'm thinking cheese to the max. But the Regrettes totally pull it off, at least they do in their new single, "A Living Human Girl." "A Living Human Girl" deals with the notion that Lydia, and most women for that matter, aren't perfect pinup models when you get close to them. Real women will sometimes look pretty and sometimes will not. They might have small boobs and untoned stomachs. They'll get little red bumps when they shave. Basically, they'll not be perfect. Lydia's point is that not being perfect is okay. She essentially tells you everything that is wrong with her, gets the shit out of the way early, so that she doesn't have to put on some front. You know what you are getting when you hang with her. If you are okay with that, cool. If you aren't, well, hit the road because she'll find someone else who is. While the topic of "A Living Human Girl" is certainly serious (I don't know how many young girls and boys I see trying to hide their imperfections instead of embracing them and being okay with who they are) and Lydia was really angry when she penned, she doesn't scream and shout to drive home her point. She delivers it with humor, she makes you laugh and, most importantly, makes you feel better about your own imperfections.

So how's this song play in the world of food? Two ways actually. First there's a line near the beginning where Lydia says that she has "A nice full belly that is filled with food." The tastier food flavoring comes from the Regrettes press release which lists their genre "cupcake punk." Nice little sugary confections iced to punk perfection. I like it. Just like cupcakes, you could eat the Regrettes all yourself, but might I advise sharing them with a friend. You'll feel a lot better that way.