Monday, June 27, 2016

Food Flavored Song: Sweet Disaster by DREAMERS

Tonight, you're on top of the world, the king (or queen) of some late night, neon loaded, kingdom of debauchery. Across from you is the person of your moment, the one who puts nothing but bad things into your mind when they are around. Each new destination, on this fine evening, means a different jukebox to control. You've spent time with the Ramones, the Rolling Stones and a sea of others whom you can no longer recollect. As the two of you step outside and watch the final bar close its door and shut off the lights, you lean in for your goodbyes. Despite the fact that you are both swimming "in a river of champagne," a quick glance shows that you are both on the same page when it comes to this night. While "some nights feel like every night, this one feels brand new."

This is the playful picture painted in DREAMERS' joyful new single "Sweet Disaster." The upbeat tone is amazing considering that this song, and the others on the band's upcoming debut LP This Album Does Not Exist, was born out of homelessness, joblessness and borderline hopelessness. Failed relationships, vacated apartments, crashing in practice spaces, nomadism, cross country moves are just some of the things that the band has dealt with the past few years. While these situations play out in the lyrics of the music and the escapism theme that seems to connect the tracks, the band works hard to not let them invade the world around their songs. Instead of bringing you down with the big questions in life, DREAMERS hope to have you dance those questions away and embrace the joys that come with living.

It definitely isn't an easy task, delivering stories of pain and suffering in a jovial manner that gets people dancing in their seats, that DREAMERS are hoping to accomplish. While judgement of their success as a whole will have to be reserved for another day, "Sweet Disaster" proves that they are moving in the right direction.