Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Food Pairing 101: What Goes Well With Sunshine by Powers?

Despite the fact that it is currently raining outside (as well as all over my Twitter feed) I'm having a hard time seeing anything but coruscating sunshine. Why is there such a difference between my internal and external reality? Because the new single by POWERS, "Sunshine," is pretty much impossible to listen to without feeling buoyant about love, life, politics, health or whatever else was previously dampening your mood. The power of "Sunshine" (Oh, two points for that one) isn't just its "Sunshine is gonna come down, rain down, all over you" chorus. It is also the musical combination of a bright flute, shimmering synths and uplifting piano. When everything is poured in a pan and baked together, these elements feel nostalgic while also seeming brand new (I'd imagine the new Ghostbusters bakes a similar treat).

So what does one pair with a track like this? You need something that is comforting and nostalgic but has had some new life breathed into it. It needs to be something that is radiant, both in style and taste. And above all else, it needs to make you feel so damn good even when the world, and Twitter, rains on your parade. I'm thinking this Lemon Sunshine Layer Cake by Bria Luu will do the trick.