Thursday, December 3, 2015

Food Flavored Song: Orlando Seale and the Swell Release a Nomnom Created Sea-salt Chocolate Song-bar

"When adversity strikes, listen to music, eat chocolate or make like Orlando Seale and the Swell and do both simultaneously."
-Tender Branson

Some people might have a problem quoting themselves. As you can see from the top of this post, I'm definitely not one of those people. The reason I quoted myself here is because I've scoured the world back and forth, front to back, top to bottom and I didn't find anyone else who captured the essence of the chocolate/music package that is being offered by Orlando Seale and the Swell in partnership with Nomnom chocolate-makers and Oh Bones the illustrator, quite like I did. Marcus Aurelius came closest, but when the going got shady, he failed to get his hands all sweet and sticky.

So what is this chocolate/music package I speak of? Orlando Seale and the Swell decided to do something a bit different with the release of their new single, "Wrestling." Instead of offering the normal digital download or CD, the band intended to conjure up the bitter-sweet bite of the song by offering something more sensual and playful that people could relish and devour while listening to their music.That comes in the form of a sea-salt flavored chocolate song-bar. Seeing as Orlando and his crew are too busy recording tracks full of "remorseless rhythm, discordant pianos and a palpable sense of jeopardy and impermanence" to perfect the art of chocolate making, they needed a chocolatier to help them pull off the sea-salt flavored single. That's where the six man Welsh chocolate wrecking crew Nomnom comes into play. Nomnom  creates handmade chocolates using only the best local produce to craft flavors that are both unique and memorable. These flavors include Halen-Mon sea-salt and Penderyn Welsh Whisky. Once the chocolate song-bars have been set and stiffened, illustrator Oh Bones sweeps in to provide the final touch. Each bar is fitted and wrapped in a beautiful, hand-drawn lyric sheet.

You want one of these bars? You'll have to show up to Oslo Hackney in London on December 11th when the band launches the new single. Tickets can be obtained here. In the meantime I'll give you "Wrestling." But be aware, the track just isn't the same without a gigantic sea-salt flavored chocolate bar with a hand-drawn lyric sheet wrapper being shoved into your mouth.