Sunday, December 20, 2015

Click (Music): The Dirty Nil, Ars Amatoria, Uber Rides and LunchMoney Lewis

Despite being M.I.A the last few weeks from blog land, I haven't stopped listening to music. Here's what has been playing on repeat:


"Zombie Eyed" by The Dirty Nil

I heard this story once about a radio station that played "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" for twenty-four straight hours leading up to Christmas. Half the population loved it, half of them hated it. I've been running the same sort of social experiment here at home with "Zombie Eyed" by the Dirty Nil. I've listened to nothing but that track for the last twenty-four hours. One-third of the population loves it, one-third of it asks me to kindly turn it down. The toddler is still on the fence.

"LA Don't Love You" by Grit

In "LA Don't Love You," Kat Meoz sings that sometimes the voices in her head suggest that her city doesn't love her. As if that isn't bad enough, they also claim that LA isn't the only place willing to toss her aside. New York, Vegas and Boston will bleed her out as well. Strangely missing from the track? Tampa. People outside of this sprawled out city don't realize it but Tampa will burn you. It'll do it quicker than an LA sitcom, leaving nothing but a trail of coconut in its wake.

"Ars Amatoria" by Drawing North

Before becoming the title of a Drawing North song, "Ars Amatoria" was an instructional elegy series written by Ancient Roman poet Ovid. The three parts of the series cover how to find a woman, how to keep that woman and how to find and keep a man. Some of the suggestions found in his work include not forgetting her birthday, not asking her age and trying out lovers both young and old. The series, despite being written in 2 AD, is still viewed today as being a timely, memorable and entertaining read.



"Can't Feel My Face" by Thomas Crystal (The Weekend cover)

How appropriate is this song? It got down to like 50 in Tampa this weekend. When I was climbing through the trees, I totally couldn't feel my face.


"Hexx" by Holy Esque

The video for "Hexx" by Holy Esque is a brutal depiction of young love. It follows a twenty something gay couple, one of whom is deteriorating both mentally and physically. The video's director William Kennedy states, "I wanted the corruption of the physical body to reflect the emotional trauma." Watch the last twenty seconds and tell me he doesn't achieve this.

"Come Home Now" by Day Wave

Day Wave's "Come Home Now" brings to mind a time when the VCR ruled the home. That's why the video, filmed in a VHS, home-style manner, is a pretty perfect match. The video features footage of his fall tour with Blonde Redhead and Albert Hammond Jr.

It is time to take a break Jackson, you've pretty much ruled 2015.

"Roses" by The Chainsmokers featuring Rozes

A few weeks ago I gave you the first version of the Chainsmokers' "Roses" video. This version is dubbed the Uber version. Why? Because it features Jonathan, an Uber driver in San Francisco, who transports fans of the Chainsmokers (and the band members themselves) to a show in the city. The soundtrack of the ride? "Roses" of course.

"Ain't Too Cool" by LunchMoney Lewis

I've made it known around these parts about my love of Grannies. LunchMoney Lewis heard me loud and clear and  in "Ain't Too Cool" he gets a granny that balls out with cash sandwiches, rainbow unicorn aprons, fashionista sex appeal and a YOLO attitude. Played out? Maybe. Fun too watch? Definitely.

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