Friday, November 27, 2015

Food Flavored Video: No Weaknesses by The Dirty Nil

I might've mentioned it a couple hundred times before, people who eat meat are super concerned with my perceived lack of protein. They ask me all sorts of prying questions about where my protein comes from. Up until this point, I've given them a small run down of my protein sources and even offer up the information that meat eaters usually have an excess of protein. Too much protein can actually have adverse effects like weight gain, extra body fat and a helluva lot of stress on the kidneys. Some meat eaters find this information interesting for a few seconds and then they go back to inquiring about my intake. I've always wished that I had a video or something that I could direct them too so that they could get the real story on protein. With the release of the Dirty Nil's new video "No Weaknesses," I've now got the video I've long desired.

The concept is pretty simple. Put three bandmates into a workout house, have them lift drum kits and amps, practice punching a banana colored punching bag and do thigh workouts with Suzanne Somer's exercise product of choice. After the workouts, feed said band way too much protein. They down raw egg and protein powder shakes, double fist hamburgers and, my personal favorite, deep throat protein bars. They totally overdose. This excess protein leads to an all out band brawl. Blood splatters everywhere, mouths ooze, noses leak. The final scene shows the band walking out all bruised and bloodied from their fourteen hour workout/protein binge/fighting session. 

Now, protein eaters, I ask you, does this look like fun to you? As I mentioned before, excess protein has been proven to put a lot of stress on your kidneys. So if you step back for a second and imagine that the band members in "No Weaknesses" are your kidneys, I think you might start to see things a bit clearer.

The Dirty Nil have a debut album on the way (finally!). Higher Power hits the streets in February. You can bet that I will be one of the first in line to get it.