Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Click (Food): Jesse Eisenberg's Thanksliving, Football Players Need Their Protein, Speak Vegan in Any Language, Pumpkin Tots and a Sticky Bun Crown

Happy Thanksgiving! Here's what caught my eye in the land of food and agave leading up to this gluttonous holiday:

  • Just in time for New Year's Eve, Duval-Leroy Champagne has announced that it's product is now completely vegan. Now more casein, gelatin or egg whites needed to fine the process, instead they just let it sit for an additional three months. I thought this simple solution would work on other things so I decided to try making meringue from vegan egg replacers again. I beat them vigorously for a bit and then let them sit for three months. My final product was definitely more solid than previous attempts. Unfortunately it was also more discolored and more attractive to the flies that were circulating around it. 
  • So I am on a bus traveling to the airport the other day and these two fifty something, overweight men and their ladies were discussing football. Naturally Arian Foster comes up and all his injury problems. One of the guys says it is because he is "vegan." The lady who was not married to him suggested that it should be a requirement for all macho men, like football players, to eat meat. Get your protein boys! I'm wondering if she'd make that same statement staring down the barrel of whatever these men and women are packing. Go ahead lady, tell them they're soft. I dare you...
  • My worst nightmare of the last three years featured me, stuck in Sri Lanka, surrounded by a bunch of bloody meat carcasses. A woman comes and serves me one of those nasty pieces of flesh. I try to tell her I'm vegan but I can't get the words out because I don't speak her language. Have no fear people, this nightmare will not be coming to a dream state near you. Thanks to the veganagogo app, we can all speak vegan in whatever language we need.

  • Jesse Eisenberg's family just became the coolest ones on the block (not my block, of course, I reside in a much lower income area than they probably do). They celebrate Thanksliving instead of Thanksgiving, eat completely vegan and post pictures of the turkeys they saved by eating tofu? Sign me up.

Ginger Pumpkin Tart with Maple-Pecan Crust by Oh Ladycakes

Uncle Ned has celiac disease, Cousin Dagger is dairy intolerant, you are just so over the whole traditional pumpkin pie thing and your mother approaches you about making this year's family dessert. What are you going to do? Oh Ladycakes has the answer. Spice up that traditional pumpkin pie with some ginger and then plop it on a maple-pecan crust. Uncle Ned and Cousin Dagger will both be on board because this dessert is vegan and gluten free. Who knew that satisfying your family could be so damn easy?

Vegan Sticky Bun Crown by Emmy Lous Kitchen

There was this sportswriter for the Philly Inquirer who used to begin his Sunday articles with the line "When I'm king of the world...". He would then fill in his thoughts about what happened that week/night/day in sports. They were pretty boring reads, I usually skipped over the meat of his stuff, but I noticed enough to get the gist of what he was trying to do. That beginning line popped into my head when I saw these Sticky Bun Crowns from Emmy Lous Kitchen. Because when I'm king of the world, I want to wear a crown made of sticky buns. And when I feel the urge, I want to eat that crown. Then I want someone to bring me another. That sounds just about perfect. For those of you who aren't kings of the world (hey, there can only be one of us) maybe try these out for Thanksgiving morning. It'll make you feel a bit royal before dashing to the kitchen for a seven hour cook fest.

Vegan Mini Pot Pie Jars from the Colorful Kitchen

I'm a big fan of pies in a jar. Those little desserts seem to have just the right mixture of crust to filling and are already packed in single servings. They are super easy to freeze so that you can have fresh pie anytime of year. I never even contemplated that the same pie in the jar treatment could be given to a savory version like a pot pie. The Colorful Kitchen showed me that not only can they get that same treatment but they can also be topped with those criss cross pieces of dough that look so fancy. In hopes that I don't miss out on something so spectacular again, I've been sitting here generating a list of all the pies that I can think of and deciding whether or not they would work in a jar. So far, here's what I have: Magpie, Cowpie, Pieface

Not having much luck.

Homemade Pumpkin Tots from Savory Nothings

Never in my life did I utter the phrase "Man I wish I had some pumpkin that was cooked like a tater tot right now." I did come close, once, when I told a lady at the store, "Man I wish I had some vegan cherry turnovers right now." Yeah, once I said it out loud I realized how not close it actually was.

Enjoy your holiday!