Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Listen: Popped Tracks from Salad Days, Red House Glory and Holy Esque

If you can time it just right, think Pink Floyd and the Wizard of Oz, popping quinoa sounds a lot like:

Since its release in mid September, I've been doing a weekly run through of Salad Boys' debut album Metalmania. Based on the album title, you might think that this album features a lot of highly amplified distortion, long guitar solos, masculinity and brute force. You wouldn't be completely off base, I mean there are some decent guitar solos. In reality, Metalmania is a fabulous piece of guitar rock that is more comparable to REM or the Replacements than Black Sabbath, Motorhead or any other metal band you can name. While I enjoy a lot of the early part of the album my favorite track, outside of this one, has got to be "No Taste Bomber." I love the backwoods urgency of the guitar, the gravelly vocals and the catchy delivery. I like the breaks from reality, the escapism into psychedelic spaces. About the only thing that gets me is the guitar solo at the end. I'm not a big instrumental fan as it is and when it does come into the track, I haven't yet exhausted it for all its worth. A simple return at the end to everything I love about "No Taste Bomber" would've left me with a better...taste.

I'm not sure what Red House Glory's past entails. What I do know is that one of their "longtime listeners" called them out on Soundcloud saying that their new stuff doesn't have the same soul as the old stuff. I've got some a-dvice for you buddy. Back off, take some sips of that coke, grab the nearest "Hooker with a Penis" and let these guys do their thing. "Pray Now" has got all the pieces that a successful pop song needs. There's the catchy, repetitive chorus, bouts of squalling guitars, some stop all the action and just hear me sing moments, the taking more than I need theme and the sexual tension that exists in an is it or isn't it a love song dichotomy. "Pray Now" is the band's first single from their upcoming All Out of Love EP (due out December 11th). The song has garnered some attention from Radio 1 and the BBC and I can certainly see why. Even if EoR is blind to it.

Let's take a few moments of Double A "Silences" to remember that salad that we just polished off. It is what Holy Esque would've wanted.