Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Click (Food): Ariana Grande Eats a Donut, Arkansas Capitol Gets Wonky, Vegan Truck Driver Loses 65 Pounds and Tofu Bibimbap Sandwiches

This week in the world of vegan food I met a vegan trucker who has lost 65 pounds since making the switch. I also came across an internet controversy that was started by a donut, Madison Square Garden and their lying ways, carrots invading queso and Shakshuka. Take it away, Morrissey:


Korean Tofu Bibimbap Sandwiches from Connoisseurus Veg

Alissa over at Connoisseurus Veg starts her blog post about this sandwich by writing:
Garlicky veggies, kimchi, fresh spinach and pan-fried tofu drenched in spicy Korean red pepper sauce are stuffed into crusty rolls with vegan mayo to make these umami-packed bibimbap sandwiches.
I had to look up three-fourths of those words just to understand what she was saying. For those of you who are in the same boat as I was, fear not, I'll translate. (Google Translate): This sandwich looks and tastes amazing. It's Korean inspired and vegan. Now, go make it and call it whatever you want.

Vegan Chipotle Carrot Queso by Cookie and Kate

Carrots are like the undercover ninjas of the vegetable world. You'll catch them acting like hot dogs, disguising as hot sauce and hiding in cake. *Runs to the pantry and locks self in with a bag of tortilla chips and a plate of something creamy* But there is at least one world where carrots have yet to infiltrate, the queso...did you hear a knock? A knock at the door of my pantry? No? Still, let me just peek out to make sure there is nothing there. *Opens door* No. NO. NOOOOOO!

Don't try to run. Carrots will find you anywhere. 

Rosemary Strawberry Shortcakes from Boards & Knives

I'm a big fan of rosemary and strawberry. I'm an even bigger fan of strawberry and shortcake. This recipe sounds like a total win all the way around. 

Matcha Green Granola Bars from My New Roots

Yo, matcha. I tolerated you in my ice cream. But you kept coming over and bugging me. I enjoyed you in my limeade. You still wouldn't leave me alone. I fell pretty hard for you when you snuck into my cupcakes. That wasn't good enough for you. So you show up in my granola bars. You have me matcha, you have all of me. Keep pushing and this will turn into one of those codependent situations where I don't have a life outside of you. Do you really want me lying in bed next to you singing "The Freshman" by Verve Pipe? On repeat? Does that sound like something you'd enjoy?

Vegan Shakshuka with Sweet Potato and Tofu from Vegan Richa

I can count on one finger the number of dishes I have experienced from the North Africa-Tunisia region. This week I plan on raising another finger. Love that the egginess of the dish is replaced by sweet potatoes.