Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Food Flavored Video: "Day in June" by Kid Astray

Kid Astray's new video for "Day in June" is a bit of a downer. It is filmed from the perspective of a man who has recently lost the girl he was dating. You never see him, you simply see the world through his eyes. His day, post breakup, is full of mundane household chores, dog petting, a run through the city and some pushups. All things that seem to be designed to take his mind of his former love. Yet he still smells her perfume and flashbacks occur throughout the day. Even his eating seems stunted. He chows down on pizza and coffee for breakfast, a far cry from the yummy smoothies that his former lover eats. In the afternoon it's a rice and bean mixture. Both meals are sullen and sad. You can tell by the stab of the fork.

The end of the video takes place in a coffee shop. It is here that he meets his ex. She hands back his Mets shirt. He watches her walk away then pulls it in to smell. Ah, there's that perfume again. You can tell it's going to be a while before he can leave her behind.

Just the sounds:

"Day In June" comes from Kid Astray's debut album Home Before the DarkThe band will also hit the road with Walk off the Earth and The Wombats on a fall European tour. Dates include:

Oct 27 // Debaser Medis- Stockholm, SE^
Oct 29 // Folken- Stavanger, NO^
Oct 30 // Logan Theatre- Bergen, NO^
Oct 31 // Byscenen- Trondheim, NO^
Nov 1 // Rockefeller- Oslo, NO^
Nov 3 // Le Ttrabendo- Paris, FR^
Nov 4 // Den Atelier- Luxembourg^
Nov 6 // Ronda- Utrecht, NL^
Nov 7 // Oosterpoort- Groningen, NL^
Nov 8 // Paard- Den Haag, NL^
Nov 9 // Depot- Leuven, BE^
Nov 11 // Palladium- Cologne, DE^
Nov 12 // Efenaar- Eindhoven, NL^
Nov 13 // Kofmehl, Solothurn, CH^
Nov 14 // Posthof- Linz, AT^
Nov 16 // Roxy- Prague, CZ

*with Walk off the Earth
^with the Wombats