Monday, July 13, 2015

Click (Music): Shoveling Goat Excrement, Nude Snapchats, Ded Rabbits and Yuck

Yuck is back. So is Little Wander. The Griswolds get remixed and there is a run of white tank tops in AWOLNATION. That's just some of what caught my eye over the last two weeks. Here's the rest:


"A New Disaster" by Cosmicide

After three critically acclaimed albums as part of Secret Machines, Brandon Curtis went into ultimate vascularity mode. As he was pounding his veins hard, high-volume/high-rep type of stuff, Brandon noticed one of them looked a little different than the rest. He grabbed a nearby spile, tapped into that vein and...a rush of creative juices came pouring out. The only way he could capture all this freshly found musical freedom was to usher in the Cosmicide period of his life. It's here people. Prepare to be wowed.

"Parliament" by Sunday Lane

The obvious lesson in Sunday Lane's new single "Parliament" has nothing to do with the House of Lords or the House of Commons. It has everything to do with not smoking and not taking on the habits of your lover.

"Hold Me Closer" by Yuck

Leave it to Yuck to capitalize on my fears. The cover art of their new track "Hold Me Closer" features a shark gutting a fish. The poor fish releases a bloody stream that pools into the word Yuck. At least that is what I think it says. The alternative is something that would cause a churchgoing mother to cover her children's eyes faster than I'd leave the water.

"The Wild" by Little Wander

Two weeks ago Little Wander clicked it up with their cover of a Sam Smith track. Now that they've officially got your attention, it's time for some original work. First up, "The Wild." This track was put together after Aaron and Devin returned from a volunteer farming trip in Europe. The two went up some mountains, ran with some bulls, shoveled goat shit for a few hours in 100 degree heat, ate reindeer, got soaked in Arctic rain and largely lived off the grid. The two agreed to call the track "The Wild" only after their first choice "Shoveling Goat Shit in Heat" didn't poll too well amongst menopausal women.


"If You Wanna Stay" by The Griswolds (The Rooftop Boys Remix)

The Rooftop Boys ask you to support their remixes by doing one of the following: send snapchat nudes, give away your Netflix password, cook some dinner and give them a heart on Hypem. I've already down the last three. Now I just need to send a nude snapchat...*Accidentally types in his boss' number and sends it before realizing the mistake* Looks like I'm a free agent.



I thought it was weird when there was a shortage of white tank tops a while back in LA. I think I've figured out why.

"Roses" by The Chainsmokers (featuring Rozes)

The video for "Roses" details the lives that the Chainsmokers live while on the road juxtaposed with the special small moments Alex and Drew get to spend with their girls. Rory Kramer filmed most of those small moments and, according to the band, he does a brilliant job of capturing special moments that occur in even the most mundane places. I'm thinking about hiring him for the next time I make tater tots from scratch. That way, after the hours of doing tedious stuff, I can watch the video and fool myself into thinking it was an awesome experience.

"Flame" by Sundara Karma

The military, religion, microwave dinners, coffee, fossil fuels, television, converse shoes, computers and dancing nudes. These are just some of the things that keep people shackled in "comfortable chains." If it was my video, I'd be sure to add amazing couches and maple syrup to that list. I've shirked freedom once or twice just for a soft couch and a taste of real maple syrup.

"Hallelujah" by Panic! At the Disco

I've always imagined the game of love being a cross between Monopoly and Sorry. Turns out it looks more like Spiderman trying to play Tetris.

"Scarlet Cardigan" by Ded Rabbit

I love the video for "Scarlet Cardigan." It makes me think about the countless hours my grandmother spent behind a video camera recording all the grandkids. Of course, to find the grandkids in those videos you had to fast forward through five hours of her filming snow banks. Not even cool snow banks, just banks of snow that had nothing happening in them. Which brings me to the second thing this video makes me long for. Oh days of the VHS. How I miss you so. I miss your crooked lines running down the screen because you've been taped over so many times. I miss your weird audio fade ins and your slowing things down for no reason. And most importantly, I miss that Scarlet Cardigan that you had a tendency to discolor and turn into something more pinkish. Sigh. Those were the days.

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