Sunday, June 28, 2015

Click (Music): Ballet for the Grand Theft Auto Generation, Double Shots of Little and Home, Typhoid Rosie and a Sam Smith Cover

PETIC, staring contests, swimming as sex and economy pop. Here's some of what has caught my eye over the last two weeks.


"Better to Know Now" by Typhoid Rosie

This is for my college professor who wanted us to dig deep into the symbolism of Western Culture arts. My thoughts on "Better to Know Now" by Typhoid Rosie is that the lyrics involve a lot of water, wine and swimming references. These are symbols that Rosie uses to explore the question "why do we let ourselves be deceived?". Water and wine speak to the religious part of the exploration. Swimming works as sort of a double entendre. On one hand it fits the idea that people don't know what lies beneath the surface. On the other, swimming explains a sexual encounter, when fluids and bodies merge. How'd I do professor? Gold star? (Yeah, I went to a college that assigned gold stars instead of grades. People make fun of me for it but, you know what, I'm actually quite proud of it.)

In truth, I had some help from Rosie. According to her, there isn't anything more intimate than trusting and letting another human into your body. "Guys don't have to let someone in the same way we do." That's why the song is also about attraction and the things that lure females into situations that might hurt them. She has learned to never let her guard down and always be in control of her body. She learned this, as well as her other feminist ideals, by loving herself inside and out. Now she passes it on to you via song.

"Eye to Eye" by Astronaut, etc.

"Eye to Eye" is the Honda Fit of 2015 pop songs. I say this because the track runs on just one vocal melody that covers both the chorus and verse, one guitar riff and one perpetual drum beat. Some might suggest that is boring, I just think its economical.

"Home" by Little Wolves and Little May

Wow, in a matter of days both Little May and Little Wolves released tracks called "Home". How confusing. I didn't realize something was up until I listened to Little Wolves while looking at a picture of Little May. I just kept trying to figure out who the dude was that was singing and why the press release didn't even bother mentioning it. Then it dawned on me.

"Here to Stay" by Bad Rabbits

"Here to Stay" by Bad Rabbits, is the fourth in a series of tracks by the band that were produced by new jack swing creator Teddy Riley (who has also produced music by Michael Jackson, Blackstreet and Lady Gaga). Teddy describes new jack swing as a "new kid on the block who's swinging it". I would describe that as Piers Morgan.


"I Want You to Know" by Zedd featuring Selena Gomez (Esh Remix)

Esh would like you to know that he isn't a donkey. He also doesn't like weed. Just cookies and music. Now if you are wondering whether he is referring to internet browser cookies or the ones you dunk in soy milk, I can't help you there. Our conversation didn't run that deep.


"Stay With Me" by Little Wander (Sam Smith Cover)

Ever wanted to take your canoe out into the middle of a lake, kick it with a few ducks and belt Sam Smith from the top of your lungs so that only the fish and wildlife can hear you? Just ask Little Wander how its done. They are pros at this kind of thing. Check out their "folktronix flip" below:


"Last Days of Dancing" by Maja Francis

Speaking of canoes, Maja Francis goes all American Beauty in her canoe in her "Last Days of Dancing" video. This scene, along with her soaking in a colorful milk like liquid, best symbolizes the song's growing up and old versus staying young theme. On another note, I don't often think about being colorblind but watching this video made me so thankful I'm not.

"Meme Generator" by Dan Deacon

"Meme Generator" is like ballet for the TI/Grand Theft Auto generation. If all ballets were of this nature, you'd find me attending them on a daily basis. Since they are not I'm going to put my time to better use, like starting a Dan Deacon does Swan Lake website. When he finally realizes that is his calling, I'm going to strike it rich.

Just a note: "Meme Generator" comes with its own video game. You can play it here.

"The People Are Home" by The Underground Railroad to Candyland

I just contacted PETIC (People for the Ethical Treatment of Ice Cream) about The Underground Railroad to Candyland's "utter disregard for frozen delicacies" (that's me quoting me). For those of you that don't know, PETIC is the group that is responsible for bedazzling music videos with those fancy ribbons that say "No ice cream was harmed in the making of this video." Speaking of ice cream, where's my soy delicious chocolate peanut butter swirl container that I was eating from yesterday? *Searches the freezer and the entire house, goes out to porch finds a melted puddle on his patio* Cue the Alanis Morrisette.

"Staring Contest" by Mates of State

What happens when you ask a kid to bring in a book to share and instead they chose to sing an Adele song? A party breaks out. "Staring Contest" is the re-imagination of this event.

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