Saturday, June 27, 2015

Food Pairing 101: What Goes Well With the Jet Age's New Single?

"It's been another shitty year in America, another year where I get to really wonder what the hell I've gotten my kids into."
-Eric Tischler

DC band the Jet Age is prepping for the release of their brand new album Destroy, Rebuild. The album, according to songwriter, lead singer and guitarist Eric Tischler, deals with relationships, the band and the state of our country. It addresses people and their struggle to find a way home. The politicized nature of the lyrics shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Eric was in the process of writing during an extremely polarizing time in America. Consider that in the past year an extremely negative batch of midterm elections were held, there was the disturbing 24/7 news cycle that surrounded Ferguson and their police force, there was the death of Eric Garner and the riots in Baltimore. On a more personal level, during that same time frame, Eric watched some of the couples around him "go down in flames".

Considering that this was the context that the album's lyrics were written in, one might think that the Jet Age's first single from the album "Don't Make a Sound" would be a melancholic affair, one that weighs the listener down under an ocean of dispiriting gloom. In reality the single offers hope. It turns to face the blue skies and realizes that as bad as things are, there are reasons for hope. There is a chance that things will be better. For Eric, that possibility exists at home. He says that the flip side of "all this depressing crap" is that it has given him a renewed appreciation "for the ways in which my wife and kids provide a port in the storm."

The track:

So what kind of recipe would this track work best with? I think it would work with any recipe that can be shared with friends, family or loved ones. I'm not just talking the end result either, for it to really work it needs to be a recipe that is collaborative from beginning to end. My recent adventure with a recipe that fit this criteria was the Blueberry Walnut Lavender Scones from Thug Kitchen. My two-year-old daughter and I spent a rainy afternoon crafting these together in the kitchen. It was fun watching her stir the dry ingredients, stare in amazement as the liquid was poured into a well in the center, and pinch off pieces of the dough after the lavender was added. For that hour or so all the depressing crap that exists in the world melted into a batter of walnuts, lavender and blueberries.