Sunday, June 28, 2015

Click (Food): Vegan Dating Shows, Snackrilege, John Salley's Vegan Wine and a Portobello Banh Mi

Vegan Metalhead foodcarts, former NBA players making vegan wine, vegan singles for dating shows and lot's of food wrapped in bread. That pretty much sums up the last two weeks. Let's take a deeper look: 



Vegan Avocado and Heirloom Tomato Caprese from The Chubby Vegetarian

The Chubby Vegetarian has never let me down. He is one of the few internet people I trust completely. This means I rarely mess with his recipes. If he calls for Japanese eggplants, I look around until I find them. No matter what the cost. So I was planning on doing the same with this dish. No substitutions baby! But then I read 1/4 cup of fresh cilantro leaves on the ingredient list. That seems like a mistake? 1/4 a cup of cilantro? Why would someone ever want to do that to another human being? I mean don't we all have that abnormal twist in our genetic makeup that makes eating cilantro taste like that time your mom washed your mouth out with soap because you called your brother a name better left unwritten?   

Portobello Banh Mi by Kiss My Bowl

Ha, ha, ha. Shanna, of Kiss My Bowl blog fame, is just like me. No, I'm not saying she is egotistical. No, I'm also not suggesting that she is obsessed with fantasy role playing video games and keeps visiting that one site because the anime girls are super "fascinating". I mean we are the same in the sense that Banh Mis (is that the plural form?) make her wax nostalgic for a childhood memory that doesn't exist. Her mom never slaved over a hot Vietnamese oven to craft a sandwich of epic proportions, yet every time she eats one she remembers her childhood. My mom also never slaved over a Vietnamese oven to craft a Banh Mi. In fact, when I requested she make me one for Christmas dinner, I caught her looking for a Banh Mi mix in the Hamburger Helper aisle. I'm kidding, mom (no I'm not). 

Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream Bites from Vegan Does It

I'm not a chocolate fan unless you put it with peanut butter or bananas. Then I'm a chocolate fan. This recipe goes one better and puts chocolate with both peanut butter and bananas. Please excuse me while my head explodes.

Mushroom and Lentil Sliders from Tinned Tomatoes

I have a certain bit of amnesia when it comes to veggie burgers. I have to, otherwise I would quit trying. Wait, this sounds familiar. Didn't I write this exact same thing two weeks ago? A sucker never learns. I like the thought of these because they are sliders. That means the burgers themselves are smaller. So the chances of them leaking everywhere and ruining my bread (or bed as auto correct would have you think) has to be greatly reduced right? RIGHT?

Chickpea Salad Sliders from Milking Almonds

More sliders. More little morsels wrapped in tiny bread. As Trine, of Milking Almonds, suggests any excuse to eat something wrapped in bread is definitely the way to go. I think that's where my is at.