Thursday, June 18, 2015

Artist's Cookbook: Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich by E'Clat

What I said this weekend is true, E'Clat and his catchy as all hell single "Hello World" have replaced the buzz on my alarm clock and made getting up so much easier. But E'Clat, and his production partner Will Prolux (SKRWE Production), need a bit more of an introduction. One sentence doesn't do them justice. I mean, they aren't Skee-lo, ready to ride off into the sunset after one single hits the internet waves. These guys have so much more to offer. So I decided to follow up with E'Clat and feature him on the blog in his own post. I told him about the three different segments I am currently running and E'Clat, overachiever that he is, hit me back up fulfilling all three requests. No problem, I'll just have to let him take over this blog for a bit. 

E'Clat isn't like some of the musicians I've featured on this page who run a catering business on the side or moonlight as a chef in some fancy restaurant. His idea of a good meal is something simple, quick and filling. It's called....the Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich. Now I know what you may be thinking. Damn Tender, you spend years developing all kinds of outrageous foodie feng shui and now you want to feed us a vegetarian Elvis special? Uh, you got it. I can't always foodie it up. Some mornings I have to run out the door to get to some meeting and my only option is to start my day with an amazing Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich. Because of that, I'm all in on E'Clat's special.

Here's E'Clat, describing how to make a top notch PB&B:
I am not much of a cook but a recipe that I know by heart is a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Ok. I start off with two delectable slices of bread. Next I apply some Peter Pan Honey Roast peanut butter to each slice of bread. Has to be Peter Pan, I love sweets and Petter Pan Honey Roast peanut butter is A-1. Next, I take a banana and cut it into pieces and place it on the bread. Finally, I put the pieces together, cut in half and prepare a big ass glass of milk. Now I get a taste of heaven. Ha ha.
There you have it, Peter Pan Honey Roast peanut butter. That's the secret to E'Clat's snack of choice. I'm pairing this snack, which I am currently eating on multigrain bread, with E'Clat's "An Outro For You". I feel these two go hand-in-hand because the track, at least at the beginning, is all about taking away someone's pain inside and helping them as they go through a tough time. Help can come in many forms. It can be financial, it can be a simple card or note or it could be sharing a peanut butter and banana sandwich on a Sunday afternoon (RIP Grandmama).

Of course the track isn't completely blinded to the fact that with pain and suffering comes anger. Someone let's you down, someone swoops in and picks up the pieces that you were already in the process of picking up, someone thinks only of themselves during your time of need, these actions cause resentment. They create anger. Sometimes people sugarcoat gratefulness. They make you think that if you are there for someone, you'll get the accolades you deserve. That's not reality. There will be times when you pour your soul into helping a brother or sister and what you get in return is the brunt of their feelings when they are at their worst. E'Clat captures this in the outro of the track. That's one reason I feel such a connection to some of E'Clat's All Stars EP. He isn't afraid to tell it like it is.

"An Outro For You":

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