Thursday, June 18, 2015

Listen: Momentum Alterring Tracks from Cloves, Powers, the Chainsmokers and FLETCHER

Since my pile of apples, tempeh, balsamic glaze and green beans was a gift to my daughter, a pairing of tracks that make me think of her seems to be in store:

During the summer of Adele I was painting the walls of my school, turning them from gray into blue. Every other song that poured out of the crappy radio that my partner had playing seemed to be something from Adele. I can't help but start smelling paint fumes and thinner every time I hear Cloves' "Frail Love". It has the same sort of sophistication and emotional consciousness. The track's production and music is purposefully ordered to play a subservient role. That's because what draws one to "Frail Love" is Cloves' voice. It's a voice that echoes, moans and rings out, extolling the virtues of lies and explaining why they are so much better than the truth. You can get your first taste of Cloves via her three song EP titled XIII which will be coming out on Duly Noted Records in August. XIII is being released as a 10 inch vinyl. It is limited to just 300 copies. Preorder it here.

Powers is an LA duo consisting of Mike Del Rio and Crista Ru. Their previous release, "Beat of My Drum", has made an impressive go of it scoring the top spots on both the Spotify Viral and Hype Machine charts. "Beat of My Drum" will be released via B3SCI Records on June 22nd as part of a Double A release. The second half of the release is the band's new single "Loved By You" which boasts pristine pop production in support of catchy melodies and hooks. I'm glad these two are Double A's, there is nothing more embarrassing in the world of singles than having a B side be better than the A side. Well I guess not selling any copies of a single would be slightly worse...

The Chainsmokers want you to know a few things about their new track "Roses" (which features and was co-written by Rozes). First, it is more important than all of their past songs. If you have been following since the beginning, it won't take much of a listen for you to figure out why they say this about "Roses". The song represents a shift for the band, one they call an "inherent change in the right direction not the beginning but the end of the transition". The track is the first one that the band co-wrote with someone else. This is pretty amazing considering that the end result is one that the Chainsmokers suggest is them "through and through". Finally, you should know, that Drew sings on this track. That is a first (but not a last). My thought with "Roses" is that it might not be as instantly catchy as a "#selfie" or "Kanye" but the staying power and connections that it creates are much stronger than either of those tracks.

The first few drumbeats in FLETCHER's new single "War Paint" remind me a lot of C.W. McCall's 1975 track "Convoy". While the two musically veer off from each other less than ten seconds in, the attitudinal descriptors remain comparable throughout. Both tracks are bold and defiant. They ooze a fiery, fierce passion. You can take "War Paint" and "Convoy" at surface level, laugh about their originality and just blast them loud throughout the summer months or you can dig a little deeper and realize that, beneath the surface, these two tracks capture the essence of what pop music should be. Its not canned and recycled. Its independent and unique. Its an individualistic quest to capture the mind's of your listeners and change them forever. Nothing will ever be the same. Are you ready for what you may become?