Thursday, June 18, 2015

Food To Record To: In the studio with E'Clat

We already know that E'Clat isn't the type to create a bunch of dazzling, hard to make recipes. He is a Peanut Butter and Banana kind of man. That means when E'Clat's working in the studio, you won't find leftover homemade pizza, egg fries and herbal teas like you would with Buchanan. So what is it that fuels E'Clat's musical endeavors? Let's hear from him what the best Food To Record To is:

1. McDonald's
The food I record to most often is McDonald's. While recording, me and my producer Will Prolux would leave the studio to get a fresh pair of ears and head to McDonalds for their amazing McChickens.

2. Cookies
While in the studio I usually eat some cookies. Ha ha, man I am a sucker for sweet foods. Its like Lay's potato chips, I just can't have one.

3. Larry's Giant Subs
My favorite restaurant is Larry's Giant Subs and my favorite meal is the turkey breast 1-foot sub. I love this restaurant because the Cuban bread here is amazing, its like a party in my mouth. Since I love to eat the 1-foot sub, it sets me right for the rest of the day.

4. Whatever Looks Good With The S.K.R.W.E Clothing Line
Aw man, just joshing you. I just wanted to make it known that E'Clat does have his own S.K.R.W.E clothing line. You can see it here.

Alright, so we are mixing down some McDonald's McChickens, cookies and a foot long turkey sub on Cuban, throwing in a few shakes of Will Prolux's production and E'Clat's lyrics and pinching off a smidgen of S.K.R.W.E clothing. The result? Getting down to something like this: