Friday, May 15, 2015

Listen: Newish Tracks From Fast Romantics, Corsica Arts Club and White Reaper

A stromboli fundraiser sounds best when accompanied by:

Shove over "Layla". Make some room "Mary Lou" and "Betty Sue." Come out from behind that curtain "Eloise". There's a new girl that has been immortalized forever in song. This girl's name is "Julia" and she seemed a bit thick headed. I mean from the band's name, Fast Romantics, I can tell these guys are used to coming in and making things happen quickly. But for Julia, it takes a bit of time before the band is able to "get through to ya". Guess that's why the song's character is able to sneak of with Mary Magdalene pretty easily.

One of the most unique lyric videos I've seen:

Corsica Arts Club's self-titled debut EP will be coming out next month. The four-song recording  is meant to celebrate all that the west coast summer has to offer. I've already shared my thoughts on "Untamed" (although you won't know it because the porn has washed it all away). The band's follow-up single Don’t You Drift On By" is slightly darker. Think of it fitting perfectly not on a hot, west coast, summer day but rather a slightly less hot summer evening. The entire EP was written, recorded and mixed by Corsica Arts Club in their home studio. It was there that they blended modern recording technology with pawnshop finds (a handful of vintage synthesizers, and an analog mixing console) to create the EP's unique sound. The album is perfect for counting down the days until school lets out and summer begins.

As I've been messing around with trying to backup my previous blog incarnation, I've found myself waxing nostalgia over deaths, desserts and drums. One such death that came to mind was that of Jay Reatard. I've been listening to him a lot lately because of this nostalgia. When I took a Jay Reatard break to catch up on some of the new songs in my inbox I was quite ecstatic to find that White Reaper's new track "I Don't Think She Cares", has so much in common with Jay's work. This is the second track I've heard from the album and the second one I downright loved. I am eagerly awaiting the July 17th release.