Sunday, May 17, 2015

Click (Food): Feetpies, Cavities, Vegan Mini Malls, Red Lentil Doughnuts and Other Food Items That Caught My Eye

Vegan's supposedly get more cavities. They say it is because some amino acid that's in meat and dairy helps protect teeth. Of course they also say that vegan dishes are "moisture-deprived and flavor-free" and I certainly know that's not true. But, just to be on the safe side, I'll change up my mouthwash. Here's some other foodie things that caught my eye this week:



Winter Rainbow Panzanella from My New Roots

Got the wintertime doldrums because your food is only one color? Sarah does. She combats those blues by creating a rainbow of colors and flavors with this Panzanella. 

Cinnamon Chai Baked Red Lentil Doughnuts by The Plant Strong Vegan

Red lentils for dessert? I know my local tea house does it but will it really satisfy? 

Spicy Chickpea Burrito Bowl from the Whole Serving

I think burrito bowls are so lame. One of the best parts of the burrito, save the guacamole, is the burrito itself. I probably feel this way because most burrito bowls are just globs and globs of lettuce with some beans and rice on top. Enter the Whole Serving's version of a burrito bowl. It is chock full of tofu, chickpeas, avocado and tomatoes with only a tiny smattering of lettuce. It has really changed my opinion of burrito bowl culture.

Mexican Chocolate Tortilla Chip Pie from Our Four Forks

Wait, you mean to tell me I can make pie crust from tortilla chips? Hold the salsa man. Why haven't I seen this before? It's definitely not for lack of trying. I've had a subscription to Mexican Food Illustrated since 1996. I've oogled every single centerfold that has been featured. Not once were tortilla chips used to make a dessert pie. Thank you Our Four Forks.

Lentil Hand Pies with Walnut Pesto from Delish Knowledge

Alex's handpies are gorgeous. I'm not sure how she was able to get them to sit on a cloud in her top picture but she honestly could've sat these pies on top of a back alley trashcan and they'd still look divine. The clouds just promote them to supernatural status. My handpies never come out so perfectly. They are always misshapen and deformed. I should probably just start making feetpies. That way I have an excuse for why they look wonky.