Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Click (Music): Unnecessary Parentheses, Exploding Televisions, Criminal Clowns and Other Music That Caught My Ear

For a rundown of the sights and sounds that caught my attention this past week, just scroll down.


"Don't Stop (Playing With My Heart)" by EXROYALE

EXROYALE's new track proves once and for all that "(I'm Totally Down) With Songs That Have (Unnecessary Parentheses)". I think if I was the dictator of a well liked polka punk band I would absolutely litter my album with parentheses. Hell, I'll even throw in some brackets. Unless we have to pay the insert creator by the character, then I'm calling a punctuation boycott.

"New Empire" by Brutalism

I remember when I went all "New Empire" on my television back in '98. I tossed that thing into a huge burning fire and ran fifty feet away so that when it exploded I was out of the line of fire. Wouldn't you know it, nothing happened. The "New Empire" was a huge let down. At least it was until Elmo set himself on fire.

"Some Boys" by Mirror Talk

Every time Mirror Talk belts out "some boys will never let go", I do a shot of unsweetened almond milk that is a month past its expiration date. I tend to hold on and stick around way too long. Mirror Talk seems to know that about me.

"Vision" by Prints_

We used to go to the park, breathe heavily for a few moments and then cut off our air supply. This led to us passing out. Coming to was a thing of magic. For just a couple seconds you woke up wondering where you were and how you got there. Then reality seeped in. "Vision" by Prints_  takes me to that same place. That's the magic of it.


"Yer Not the Only One" by The Underground Railroad to Candyland

Clowns committing crimes. Yeesh.

"Best of Everything" by Van Damsel

Who would've thought that Van Damsel's idea of the "Best of Everything" is heavily rooted in people eating people. In the battle of clowns stealing food from the cafeteria vs people eating fruits that are shaped like the head of another person, I'll always side with the painted face.

"Frayed" by Waterstrider

I've always wondered why seven years bad luck is only divvied out when a mirror is broken. Aren't windows pretty much the same thing? Not that I'm complaining. If windows counted I would just now be passing the halfway point of my bad luck.

"Gates of Dawn" by Heartless Bastards

Our protagonist in "Gates of Dawn" is sort of like Samson. The difference is that he doesn't get strength from his hair, he gets it from water. I think I'm the same way. I can beat the s### out of anyone during my morning shower but as soon as its over I'm back to just being a normal, pasty skinned, too frail blogger.

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