Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Food Flavored Artist: "Feel Alright" by Lime Cordiale

What if Janet Jackson was actually five dudes from Australia? And what if she decided to make music that was more electro-pop and less rhythm and blues? And what if her favorite drink was something that involved Lime Cordiale?

If things had rolled a bit differently for Janet Jackson, I could see her penning the track "Feel Alright". But because Janet isn't a dude from Australia (let alone five), doesn't focus much on electro-pop and didn't name herself after a drink ingredient she continues to pander along in an abyss of moths and flaming desires that are completely irrelevant (at least as far as Write.Click.Cook.Listen is concerned).

Lime Cordiale, however, is not irrelevant. This Australian five piece first hit my radar back in January with their sexualized single "Hanging Upside Down". Where "Hanging Upside Down" created its sexiness through its lyrics, "Feel Alright", turns up the heat thanks to the music. It's all driven by a Janet Jacksony beat that, despite all the song's changes, remains prominent throughout. Throw in schoolyard chants, dancefloor rhythms and a club vibe and you've got 2015's best song to grind to as voted on by me. It should come as no surprise that the track draws from Lime Cordiale's "emphatic live show". Over the last eighteen months this live show has hit local and international stages and has made the Lime Cordiale experience one not to miss.