Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Food Pairing 101: What Goes With an Artichoke Sunflower Burger?

This Memorial Day I learned exactly how one of those corporate meat packing plants must feel when they see some random body part on the ground and decide to use it in their product (waste not, want not). As I planned out my veggie burger of the day, I went to my pantry and just started grabbing ingredients. Rice? Sure, let's give it a try. Artichokes? Why the hell not! Sunflowers? Uh...a little weird...but, okay, let's do it. By the time these little burgers were solidfying in the freezer, I had gone through the same sort of thought process with no less than five ingredients. When it was all said and done I had crafted a burger that held together pretty well and tasted of artichokes, sunflowers and a slight wallop of vinegar (it looked like this with creole mustard instead of Dijon, no parsley brief stint in the polar region of my freezer) . Oddly addictive. Like I couldn't eat just one. 

What does one pair a burger like this with? Might I suggest the Happy Hollows's "Astrid." Like the burger, it is made up of a number of different parts that when ground together in the meat grinder of your ear serve to make a fabulous, oddly addictive, product. Perhaps no part of the song represents this better than the chorus.This is where you've got a batch of lovely "whohoos" coming to the forefront while Sarah Negahdari's vinegary rumblings swirl through the background. All the while Matt Fry's guitar and Charlie Mahoney's bass and synths bind and propel, making sure that this isn't the part where it all falls apart.