Saturday, May 30, 2015

Food Flavored Video: Pizza & Beer by Karen Meat & the Computer

"Pizza & Beer" by Karen Meat & the Computer is a song without a future. You won't find it down the road featured on a commercial intended to sell Levi's Jeans, it won't be entertaining you as you try on clothing at your favorite retailer and it probably won't be showing up on too many best of 2015 lists. But thanks to the utterly adorable and liberating nature of the song, it definitely serves a purpose in the present. Karen Meat is the pseudonym for Arin Eaton, a Nashville transplant who used to work for Music City’s Southern Girls Rock & Roll Camp. She previously recorded a collection of folk-pop classics under the alias Elizabeth Arynn. But folk rock is safe and beautiful. Arin needed an outlet for her more off-kilter and imperfect side. So she became Karen. As Karen, Arin was able to become a performer that doesn't mess around with symbolism or adhere to poetic ethos. She just delivers lyrics that a blunt and conversational. For example, Arin or Elizabeth Arynn may have both found it a bit difficult to sing about passing on someone's advances in favor of barfing up all the shit they snarfed down earlier. But in "Pizza & Beer", Karen does just that.

So what else does "Pizza and Beer" deliver? According to Arin/Karen, the song is a recipe for not giving a f***. Take one part pizza, one part beer, swirl it together in your digestive system and you've got an anthem designed for all those people who have given up on trying to please others. It doesn't matter who it is you are tired of pleasing, be it boss, lover, cellmate or super hot babysitter. This song can work for you. I mean, the way that Arin/Karen sees it, everyone loves pizza and beer.

The video:

Just the sounds:

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