Saturday, May 30, 2015

Click (Music): Cat Burglars, Jinja Safaris, Making Love to Ghosts and Jacarandas

Here are the songs and videos from this week that caused me to stand on top of my desk and announce firmly, "Oh Captain, my captain":


"Can't Hold Me Down" by Dive In

Tampa Police Department, Report 47568-ZZ: A blogger and his family go missing from their home. The PD searches the entire premises and find a few orange paw prints and "Can't Hold Me Down" scrawled across the mirror in an orange dust that tastes absolutely magical. When the cat is questioned, he comes clean. He was tired of the blogger putting the Cheetos bag in the microwave so that he couldn't eat it. As we put the cat into the back of the cruiser he reiterates, "Can't Hold Me Down."

"Jacaranda" by Trails and Ways

Los Angeles has some beautiful people. It also has some highly controversial trees called Jacarandas. People either love these trees or hate them. Sometimes the lines get blurred. This is usually after spending countless hours overexposed to AIM and LiveJournal while simultaneously hearing Velvet Underground for the first time. That's the place that Trails and Ways' third (and final) single from their debut LP comes from.

"Cages" by Woolf and the Wondershow

When the Wondershow began I thought that I was somewhere on the soft rock, easy listening, power ballad continuum. Then things got weird. There was harmonizing. There was auto tuning. And there was that creepy voice that randomly pronounced "Cages". I'd compare "Cages" to a Black Moth Super Rainbow appearance on the Casey Kasem countdown after Casey Kasem was captured by a woolf (two o's, not one) and had to be replaced by T-Pain. That is to say, I've never heard anything like it.

"Find My Way" by Jinja Safari

Last time I drove to the beach I listened to a lot of Dan Deacon. That doesn't really matter much here. The time before that I was deep into Passion Pit. That's the one that matters. Passion Pit with a tropical edge equals a Jinja Safari.


"Not Love or Death" by The Rural Alberta Advantage

Sometimes I wish I had my own personal band playing daily in my bedroom. I think that would make cleaning up the crumbs a much more enjoyable task.

"City All Night" by The Eiffels

The Eiffels are quickly becoming a regular around these parts. Don't be surprised if one of their tracks winds up on my year end list. As for this video, it speaks to all of those people who could walk their city all night long without sleeping. I used to do that all the time in Chicago. I can't do it here in Tampa, we have very little sidewalks. Those we do have, you have to drive to get to. That sort of defeats the purpose.

"Skeletons" by Trails and Ways

I take pride in the fact that I'm the best freestyle dancer I know. But I'm not afraid to admit when I lose a dance off. The last one I lost? When I went agains this guy named Arthur Cadre. I let him go first and he threw down some amazing moves (Trails and Ways happened to catch some of the moves he tossed my way on tape and they used it in their "Skeletons" video). After he was done, I just bowed my head in shame. I didn't even take my turn.

"Sex" by Handsome Ghost (The 1975 Cover)

Have you ever made sex with a ghost? No luck? Might I suggest playing Handsome Ghost's cover of "Sex" by the 1975. It has helped me bed no less than six ghosts in the last week.

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