Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Listen: Pop Gems from Molly Moore, wildFLWR and Love Like Hate

Putting the final touches on a veggie Cuban? Do it alongside a healthy helping of:

You can't sit around and wait for a good veggie Cuban to fall into your lap. If ain't happening, go out and force it to. Now I'm not sure if Molly Moore ever craved a veggie Cuban to the point that she headed to the kitchen and made it, but she certainly knows what I'm talking about when I suggest that one should make their own destiny. Afterall, this is the central message of her sultry new single "Don't Believe It." She sings, over and over again, the best world to live in is the one you create for yourself. I heartily agree.

There are nights where, after I have wished upon a star, I am left tossing and turning unable to fall asleep. It is then that I wish that I had some sort of electronic lullabye to put me to sleep. For a while combining the refrigerator's hum with the buzzing of our toaster worked but then our toaster stopped functioning and I was back at square one. Enter wildFLWR and her single "New House." This song is beautiful, it is catchy and it is full of messages that stick with me long into my dream state.

Love Like Hate are an Australian girl duo whose music falls somewhere in the murky puddles of post punk and pop. Using free form piano melodies and densely layered electric guitar, these ladies succeed in bringing the dark to light. They recently released a new EP, Unnoticed in Australia, and are hoping to make their way into the US market later this fall. I say, why wait. Let's do it now. Here's "Electric Ships":