Sunday, July 31, 2011

Italian Dinner Party With Music by Jordan Bolton

A number of friends have been urging me to cook food for them. I decided that yesterday would be the day. Ten of our friends joined us for an Italian themed dinner party. The menu consisted of:

Caprese Salad (made by Chris and Sarah)

The sliders and the vanilla ice cream garnered the loudest response, while the fennel and tomato tart were also pretty popular.

If it were up to me, which it wasn't, our soundtrack would've consisted of a mix of new music from the great artists I've enjoyed recently. Instead J-Fur took care of the music and sent us on a Bill and Ted like flash back to the 90's.

But J-Fur couldn't take away the cooking process where I listened to the solo work of Jordan Bolton, a 19 year old Manchester artists who began writing his first demo last year at college (it became his Jazz Hands EP and was released in October). Since that time he has finished a second EP (Silver Age) and continued to work on making his music more cohesive. His latest offering is a single track called "Duluoz Nights." It sounds like a man leaving night church that tries to cross a street only to be hit be a car and face a near death experience where angels perform a spoken word opera while the rest of the congregation lines the street singing verses in hopes that they are heard above. Check it:

And an older song, "Control":

*All pictures were taken by J-Fur. Isn't she great?