Monday, August 1, 2011

Rubbed the Wrong Way Mix: Oy Vey, Azeem, Nantes, Microwave Jenny, Bebe Black, Sol, Little Green Cars, Oax, Frightened Rabbit, Centro-Matic and more...

I find these awesome recipes for rubs in pretty random places (I'm talking sports magazines, library books even pizza boxes). I hurry home, take out my block of tofu, clean and gut it gently, throw away all the unnecessary parts (tofu stomach is pretty disgusting if you ask me) and set to work rubbing that block with the utmost love. When it looks good I pop it in the oven and tap the minutes away until it is ready. I slide a piece in my mouth expecting bliss and what I get instead is...horror. This tastes awful! I just can't get my rubs to work. I know it is probably a personal problem that I need to see someone about. But until I can manage that, I find solace in this playlist which is all about rubbing your food the wrong way.

(0:01) Frightened Rabbit-The Loneliness
(4:06) Oy Vey-White Lies
(7:18) Azeem ft. Carlos St. John-Hurricanes + Tornadoes
(12: 18) Laura Stevenson & the Cans-Master of Art
(16:09) Nantes-Fly
(19:38) Microwave Jenny-What You Do
(22:54) The Catholic Comb-Patriots of Love
(27:29) Centro-Matic-Only in my Double Mind
(31:24) Bebe Black-I'll Wait (Demo)
(35:59) Sol ft. Grieves & Budo-The Times
(39:43) Little Green Cars-My Love Took Me Down to the River (To Silence Me)
(44:35) Oax-Love and Crashing

Thanks to KEXP blog, MAP, Pigeons and Planes, Indie Rock Cafe, Nialler 9, I Guess I'm Floating, The Ruckus, Swedesplease, Triple J Unearthed and the bands for making this playlist possible