Sunday, June 11, 2017

Click (Music): Veggie Both, Panama, BANNERS and Sealing Things With a Kiss

"Undertow" by Panama

Traditionally my cooking "undertow" of choice is a big glob of semi frozen olive oil. Pop that thing into almost any pan and watch the crispy, caramelization take hold. With the doctor ordered fat drive shifted way down to low, olive oil has been off the table. It's been veggie broth for days. I can't say it has been easy, it definitely took some readjusting the way I handle certain things, but I'm finally feeling like I'm getting the hang of it. As for Panama's "Undertow," this track is a beautifully written, slow burning, heartbreaker. The track is actually a letter that Panama wrote to a friend who committed suicide. "Undertow" can be found on Panama's sophomore EP, Hope for Something, which hits the streets on June 23rd.


"Let Me Down Easy" by Gangs of Youth

One of my social media sites caught fire last week when I suggested that veggie broth is where vegetables that have made nothing of value are "given a platform to take things of value and treat them as nothing." Some of my veggie loving friends were super pissed. Of course their straw man arguments kept returning to cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli and Brussels sprouts. I let the haters down easy by relaying that everyone knows you don't put those veggies in a broth because it leaves it bitter and lonely.

In a similar vein, Gangs of Youth spent some time internet dueling last week after they suggested that the internet is "the place where those whom have made nothing of value are given platform to take things of value and treat them as nothing." A follower fired off a long, angry response, only to eventually realize that a) he was demonstrating their point and b) they were quite possibly in agreement with each other but had trouble conveying that over the interwebs.

Grab some popcorn (simmered in veggie broth of course), fire up Gang of Youths Facebook page to watch the fireworks and turn on "Let Me Down Easy." Trust me, it will fill in the missing piece that is needed to complete your day.

"Someone to You" by Banners

I've pretty much spent my last two days riding my bicycle around town, handing out free quarts of veggie broth and blasting “Someone to You” by Banners. This track is uplifting and magnetic. It captures all those warm, cozy feelings that are associated with falling in love/pouring a fine veggie broth into a steaming hot pan. "When someone loves you (and your veggie broth), you feel like a rock star, like a hero. This song is about that, about wanting that and about making someone else feel that too,” says BANNERS.


 "Sealed With A Kiss" by You Are Number Six

You Are Number Six celebrated the 30 degree first day of Summer by releasing a cover of "Sealed With A Kiss." The track is sung in half-french / half-english and features Anissa's innocent voice over a bed of dark melancholic melodies. Now, where have I heard that description before? Oh yeah, I used that same description in my first cookbook when introducing my veggie broth recipe.


"I Still Wait For You" by XYLO

The stripped-down video highlights how the band's mesmerizing vocals and hypnotic chords can play anywhere, even a garage.

"We Could Run" by Beth Ditto

"We Could Run" is the third single from Beth Ditto's upcoming debut album (Fake Sugar, due out on June 16th). The song highlights Beth's powerful vocals and resonating lyrics in an 80's power ballad sort of way. I can definitely see one or two similarities between "We Could Run" and say "Pour Some Veggie Broth On Me."

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