Sunday, August 21, 2016

Where They Eat: Techtonic at Ezell's Famous Chicken

Seattle based brothers Evan and Tyler Gilsdorf, the duo behind Techtonic, have just released their new track "You Told Me." The single is a hymnal for all those who worship at the feet of summery, future bass. For those of us who just pass by every once in a while to toss an egg or scrawl graffiti on the religious shrines, the song is simply a catchy as hell bender that really challenges your inner dance self.

Despite what the track says, anyone can't really do this shit. It takes a special duo (and then some) to pull off a song like this off. According to whispers I've heard around the future bass community (and posts I've read on future bass message boards), Techtonic couldn't have pulled off "You Told Me" without first selling their soul. They found a buying partner in Seattle stalwart Ezell's Famous Chicken. Here's Evan describing Ezell's and how their chicken relates to "You Told Me":

Ezell's Famous Chicken is that one spot in town where you drive by and your mouth starts watering even if you just ate.
"It's not in the best neighborhood in town either (good soul food rarely is) so you've really gotta commit to making a trek to the other side of town if you want to get it, not to mention the line out the door. But oh man, is it worth it. I feel the chicken fingers are kind of like this song for a few reasons. One, the breading is nice and airy, kind of like the start of this track. But once you bite into them you get the full flavor, and then the spice - just like the 2 drop tiers of the song. The middle section is a call and response rhythm, much like the constant dipping of the chicken in homemade ranch. But most of all, these chicken fingers remind me of a bright summer day hanging with friends and enjoying the simpler things in life, much like was the inspiration for this track."

Get out your finest dancing shoes, grab a jigger of that homemade ranch and experience "You Told Me" how it was meant to be.