Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Listen: The Artisanal Tofu Sounds of Communions

While I'm pretty sure that "Don't Hold Anything Back" by Copenhagen by way of Seattle four-piece Communions was not written about Artisanal tofu, it very well could be. Let's start with the fact that the song texture is a bit crunchy and hard edged on the surface thanks to the on again off again guitar arrangement. Inside, things are a bit softer. This is due in large part to the moments of silence from the droning guitar as it gives way to a soft acoustic one. Not enough? Hmm...well, if lines like "You could either pick me up or lay me down, you could throw me out or stick around" and the constant reminder of "You could be the only one with the way you shine" don't speak Artisanal tofu to you maybe, you just haven't been in the tofu game long enough.