Friday, July 29, 2016

Food Flavored Song: Orange Juice by Bellows

Way up in Northern Michigan there is a mom and pop tonic water bottle making plant. This plant has remained in the same family generation after generation. Their tonic water bottle design has also been pretty static since the day they began hand crafting them. As the current owner says, "Why mess with what works." These tonic water bottles, once molded and hardened, are sent to artisanal water plants across the eastern and midwestern United States. There they are filled and shipped to local stores for consumer consumption.

One of these mom and pop water bottles made their way to Brooklyn, New York. It was eyed in some store by Oliver Kalb, songwriter and producer of the bedroom-recording project Bellows. Perhaps he wavered a bit, compared prices before jumping in feet first or, what's more likely, he saw that sleek design and immediately knew that was the tonic water bottle for him. Kalb drank the water inside, still felt some sort of connection to the bottle (probably a lot to do with his hating to lose), and decided to fill it up with orange juice. That orange juice filled mom and pop tonic water bottle then proceeded to accompany Kalb on an evening of concert going at the Palisades. It wasn't until one of those people who like to hang around Kalb and pretend they are trying to help asked him if he was through with his orange juice filled mom and pop tonic water bottle that the connection was lost. At this point Kalb tossed it away so that someone else could enjoy the connection that mom and pop tonic water bottles create.

At least that is what I took from the new Bellows track "Orange Juice." If you got something else, feel free to share in the comments. Before you do, I should mention, I feel like I nailed this one.

By the way, Bellows has a new album, Fist & Palm, due out September 30th via Double Double Whammy.

Oh, by the, by the way (that's sort of like PPS right?) Bellows will also be doing a bit of fall touring to support the album. They will be sharing the stage with Lisa Prank and PWR BTTM.