Sunday, July 10, 2016

Click (Music): Gazpacho, Meditation with an Edge, Underwater Karaoke and Um Chagga Lagga

"Better in the Summer" by A Billion Lions

A quick Google search of "food that tastes better in the summer" brings up a Lifehack article that lists eleven foods that fit this description. You know what is not on the list? Wine. You know what is? Gazpacho. I think someone over at Lifehack dropped the ball on that one. Cold soup? Really? At no time during the year does cold soup taste good. Simply slide out the Gazpacho, slide in the wine and everyone wins.

"Where the Demons and the Devil Speak" by In An Instant

In a recent interview with Philip Lickley at KBPS, In An Instant calls "Where the Demons and the Devil Speak" as their rawest track yet. What they actually said was the track is like "gazpacho in audio form." Unfortunately, due to time restraints, KBPS had to edit out that line. So now, when Jeopardy makes the statement In An Instant compares "Where the Demons and the Devil Speak" to this food, the world will just stare blankly. Thanks KBPS. The next step for In An Instant when it comes to this song? Make it even more raw by stripping it down and releasing an acoustic video. Which begs the do you make gazpacho even rawer than it already is? I don't have a complete answer for this question but I do think a pair of sequined shoes and a slow tap of command-c are involved.

"Life" by Daniel Amedee

Have you ever been kidnapped and forced into one of those meditative situations where everything seems so safe and calm and that causes you doze off, start to snore and be startled awake when the headmaster puts his pointy shoes in between you ribs? No? Consider yourself lucky. While this is my meditative past, my meditative future involves Daniel Amedee and his music. Amedee's urban folk was labelled by some musical genius as being "meditative with an edge." That means it will bring the relax but has just enough sharpness to keep you from falling asleep. Business idea: a line of Amedee inspired "Meditation with an Edge studios." All the meditation of other places but with more upbeat relaxation tunes.

"We Still Run" by Gonzalla

According to Gonzalla, "We Still Run" was a pretty simple song to write. It came together easily because it had a message. The message, which was intended for a friend in the hospital, was that "it's not over till it's over." I'd love to insert a comment here but in respect to those people that are currently in hospitals and needing to hear motivational mantras, I will refrain.

"Um Chagga Lagga" by Pixies

The picture that accompanied the press release for "Um Chagga Lagga" featured David Lovering, Black Francis and Joey Santiago sitting on a leather couch in front of a taxidermied wolf that looks like it is about to pounce. Meanwhile, newly permanent bassist, Paz Lechantin looks to be climbing (or falling) off an amp in the far background. Put this exact scene on the side of the road and you've pretty much summed up "Um Chagga Lagga."


"Wild Child" by Cardiknox

Why is underwater karaoke not a thing? I'm calling my agent right now to get a line of underwater karaoke bars in production. Business Idea: Carpool Karaoke (okay, so I'm still working on the name). It's like singing karaoke but wetter and harder to breathe.

"Get Me the Hell Out of Here" by Raw Fabrics

I find myself in raw fabric stores a lot because of J-Fur. I used to sit in the overstuffed chairs, usually within a knitting circle, and sing "The Wheels on the Bus." I think "Get Me the Hell Out of Here" is much, much more appropriate. Before I go there, do they make armor that is strong enough to protect against knitting needles but lightweight enough to be breathable and undetectable beneath a patterned sweater?

"Higher" by The Naked and Famous

This morning I woke up and stared at my hands. Where did all those blisters on my palms come from? I guess it could be from all the mulch shoveling I did yesterday. Or it could be from the rhythmic clap session that broke out during my repeated listens of "Higher." I'm thinking the second scenario is more likely. While there isn't anything groundbreaking from the band during this track (it sounds like the Naked and Famous, people), I'm okay with that because (it sounds like the Naked and Famous, people).

"Ginger" by The Front Bottoms

If you are trying to remember all those iconic movie scenes from the 80's, you could go and invade your outdated brother-in-laws closet, track down a VCR and watch each of those flicks one at a time but that is such a time suck. Who has time for such a suckage? Or you could just watch the video for "Ginger" by the Front Bottoms because it covers pretty much everything you need to know from 80's cinema. If it ain't in this video, it ain't important.

"Up to Us" by The Bouncing Souls

"WOOOOOAAAHHHHHHHHHHH, you were my rock, you were my stone!"

As long as there have been rock stars, there have been geriatric rock stars. And as long as there have been geriatric rock stars, there have been young rock stars writing songs in honor of them. This is what is going on in "Up to Us."

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