Thursday, June 9, 2016

Listen: Storm Brewed Singles from Highland Kites, Pistols & Pints and Graveyard Lovers

Recently I found myself trapped in a house made completely of glass and pinto bean sloppy joes. To pass the time until freedom arrived, I found myself listening to some of:

"The War Inside" by Highland Kites should, based on the lyrics, be a song I absolutely abhor. I hate demons. I hate being trapped inside my own mind. I hate internal warfare with self-made beasts. Maybe I just don't understand because I don't drink enough coffee or eat much chocolate. Whatever the reason, when internal wars break out I turn the other ear...the one that is closed. "The War Inside," however, is not only a track that I don't turn away from but I actually "run towards" its light. Most of my enjoyment stems from the way that vocalist Marissa Lamar delivers her lyrics. She begins each section (be it verse or chorus) with an intonation that screams vulnerability and breakdown. Slowly her voice begins to build up confidence. By the end of the verse (or chorus), she actually seems to believe that she will come out on top of her current battle. Of course, like in any war, after her one battle ceases another immediately begins. Marissa takes three steps back into her vulnerable skin before beginning the process again.

"This War Inside" is off Highland Kites' forthcoming EP, Let Me Run, due out July 22nd.

While I'm stuck here watching my pool get closer and closer to the overflow mark, I can't help but think that someone somewhere is hitting the surf hard. I hope that as they wax up their board and head out to the beach they really think about putting that scratched and chipped Weezer album away and get with the times. Might I suggest the first original single from Alex Gabrielian (aka Pistols & Pints). The single, "The Last Chance," is a fun uptempo EDM song that combines throwback guitars (Chili Peppers style riffs) with big pop and dance vocals. The song includes singer/songwriter Davey Nate (Pitbull/Robin Thicke single "Bad Man") and singer/songwriter Pryvt Ryn. "The Last Chance" is featured in an upcoming surf documentary called "7 Miles Of Paradise":

Did someone mention eating pinto bean sloppy joes while waiting for the latest tropical storm fad to stop banging broken fence slats against your house? Well, you've got my attention. I have a feeling that Graveyard Lovers know a thing or two about oncoming storms and the banging of broken fences. What makes me say that? I shall not divulge my secrets.