Monday, June 13, 2016

Food Flavored Video: Shaky Ground by Freedom Fry

Near the end of the year, one of the girls in my class told me that her summer plans included learning a new language. Seeing as she was already bilingual (English and Spanish) I expected her newest language to be French. That seems to be the play in America. Learn Spanish or French, maybe both. When she announced that her newest language would be Cantonese, I was definitely caught a bit off guard. Her explanation, business reasons, seemed to make sense but really, what third grader says that they want to spend their summer months learning Cantonese?

So what does this have to with the new video for Freedom Fry's "Shaky Ground," a single that tore up the internet when it was released last year? Well, "Shaky Ground" is one of the more unique videos I've seen in recent years. This uniqueness of the video has nothing to do with the singing coconuts that periodically show up throughout, although the two foodie-music bloggers in the world certainly rejoiced about that one. What really drives me to call this video unique is that it is presented bilingually. Within the video, the actual single for "Shaky Ground" plays through twice. The first go round finds Bruce and Marie singing in English and dancing with friends at a US style house party. Their is a momentary pause and then the single starts up again. This time through a French version of Bruce and Marie make their way to the states and put on an empty pool concert/dance party. The verses are presented in French during this second go round.

Coconuts? Bilingualism? A creepy smoking man? About the only thing missing from the video is some greasy, American style, freedom fries. I'll let the Vegan Weirdos Next Door do the honors.

"Shaky Ground" video:

Just the sounds: