Sunday, June 19, 2016

Click (Music): Vodka Made from Fog, Alpha Cities, Killing Kim K. and Haux

"Roll" by Work Drugs

In 2012 Miami was determined to be an Alpha City. That means it is a city that will hump your leg if you get too close to it. It also means that it is pretty important when it comes to the global economy. "Roll" by Work Drugs was penned while on a trip to Miami last winter. Based on the lyrical content I'd have to say it was written after the band had their leg humped.

"Some Other Dude" by Everywhere

Life is all about seizing an opportunity. React too slowly and she'll be dancing with some other dude.

"Body Drop (Howl)" by KONG

One of the five songs on Kong's debut EP is about killing Kim Kardashian in order to save the boys and girls and the rest of the world. I liked the edginess of the song lyrics but didn't find the song nearly as catchy as "Body Drop (Howl)." So, in order to save the integrity of this blog (ha, ha what?) I will forgo the Google search spike I would receive by posting a song about "killing Kim Kardashian" and just stick with what's catchy. By the way, if you ended up at this blog because you searched "killing Kim Kardashian," what's wrong with you? Do you want to make her a martyr?

"Summer in the City (Living is For Someone Else)" by The Legends

Take a moment and hover over the first comment on "Summer in the City (Living is For Someone Else)" one of the two new singles by the Legends. For those of you that are blind DJ-KIK says "Not really fan sorry." That's probably the most asinine thing I've read online. Who goes to songs they don't like just to apologize for not liking them? That would be like me taking up my father's day tweeting all the hockey, baseball, basketball, football and soccer teams that I am not a fan of just to apologize for not liking them. Excuse me a second, I have to go do something. *Adds 'Tweet Teams I Am Not a Fan Of to Apologize' to Google Keep list titled Things to Do Someday When I am Extremely Bored and in a Full Body Cast With Only the Internet Within Reach.

"Seaside" by Haux

So I'm at a wedding last night. While we are waiting for the food to start arriving my pals and I get into a little competition to see who can name the most towns in England. We come up with Berkshire, where Haux hails from. One person in the group said "Isn't that a cheese company with the slogan 'it's magically delicious?'"


"Roses" by The Legends

Tender B
says at 0.05:
Not really fan sorry. I like the original just a little bit better. I'd still ride in an Uber that was playing this song, though.


"Breakin' Point" by Peter Bjorn and John

Ever see a PB&J throw sticks at a mop looking creature?

"Nowhere Now (Acoustic)" by Waterstrider

Finally, finally, finally we will have a debut album from Waterstrider. Nowhere Now is set for a mid-August release. Here is an acoustic version of the title track.

"By My Side" by The Interrupters

I don't think anything has stuck with me as long this week (other than the pain that comes with taking a machete to weeds for an hour) as "I don't wanna die, I don't wanna die, I don't wanna die, but if I do die, do die, I know you'll be by my side" has.

I should mention, the burrito from last night is trying to put up a fight....stay tuned.

"Bury It (featuring Hayley Williams of Paramore)" by Chvrches

Every time I try to "bury it and rise above" I am interrupted with a documentary about making vodka from fog. Its at the point where I am going to have a hard time hearing this song without doing a shot of Fog Point. Accidental consumerism at its foggiest.

"Rebel Yell (Billy Idol Cover)" by The Flux Machine

Bourbon Whiskey, static hypnosis and a voice run through a synthesizer.

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