Thursday, May 12, 2016

Food Pairing 101: What Goes With Eat Fast's Debut EP?

If the last month of my life were to be described in food terms, it would probably be that super gooey, oily cheese pizza that gets caught in your throat and causes you to choke. That's what packing and unpacking cars and boxes will do to you. The only good thing about this round the clock loading and unloading is that it forces you to block out all the bullsh** and only focus on the important things in life. One of those important things? Eat Fast's debut EP.

We've already featured two of the four tracks on the EP in previous posts (here and here). The third track, "Stammer," came out when I was elbow deep in packing tape and bubble wrap. I tried to craft a post with my nose but that went nowhere fast (pun only partially intended). The fourth (and final) track, "Fenham Dreadlock,"  hit the internet on the eve of the eve of the eve of the EP's release (tomorrow, May 13th, via Bandcamp, Spotify and iTunes).

What's so good about this EP? For one thing, it rolls off quick. Each track clocks in at three and a half minutes or less. That is just about the perfect pairing for box making (and unmaking). All of the tracks follow a similar pattern. Take some harmonies, roll them in sugar, add some thumping guitars and frazzled guitar riffs, bake for less than three and a half minutes. Your final product? Some fine fuzzy pop brilliance. Think of it as the comfort food of fuzz pop. You always know what you are going to get and it feels perfect every time.

So what should one pair with this EP? Well, it is hot. It is bold and blinding. It turns your saliva bright red. All of that, plus the fact that I have survived on Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Fish, vegan candy bars and chili over the last two weeks, I'd have to pair this album with Martha Stewart's Chili Con Candy.

Check out the new single, "Fenham Dreadlock":

The previous single, "Stammer":