Sunday, April 17, 2016

Click (Food): Debbie Does Waffles, Vegans Defeat Negan, Plant Based Alien Abductions and Kimchi Potstickers

  • Lisa Simpson going vegan? 23,634 people would like her to. I think this is a bit too easy. I'm in the process of getting a petition together for the MeatEater team to go vegan. That would be a real win.
  • Just what the world has been missing...a motherf***ing vegan selfie room. Thanks Doomie!
  • Australians Google vegan more than anyone else in the world. Some of the country's more popular searches include "why are vegans so preachy", "judgmental vegans", "self-righteous vegans" and "Lisa Simpson vegan?"

Vegan Kimchi Potstickers by The Veg Life

For a few weeks I put kimchi in everything. (quesadillas, burgers, Brussels Sprouts). One thing I didn't put it in was potstickers. Probably because I can't ever seem to find any wonton wrappers without egg. Yo, Veg Life, hook a blogger up. Where do you get your potstickers from?

Carrot Cake Waffles by Dietitian Debbie Dishes

My favorite porn growing up was Debbie Does Waffles. I would break this video out at least once a week while my parents weren't home. That was my first foray into the world of food porn.

Spinach and Kiwi Smoothie from Turnip the Oven

I was at the park yesterday and I heard a mom calling to her daughter on the slide. She said "Kiwi, come on down the slide because others are waiting." I turned and asked her if Kiwi was just a nickname. She gave me a horrendous look, grabbed her daughter and walked away. Can you blame me? Who, outside of those ridiculous out-of-touch celebrity couples, would name their kid after something that goes into a smoothie?

Spinach Filled Raviolis from Dora Daily

Now that I've perfected the art of the vegan pizza, it is time to get my Italian hands dirty in some other type of dough. Up next, raviolis. Come here you sexy little dough circles and let me stuff you full of spinach.