Saturday, March 5, 2016

Click (Music): Zebra Gelatin, Sibling Bands, West Texas and Being Underdressed on the Roof

"Underdressed" by Verite

A few years ago I watched some New York comedian live tweet a break up that was happening on the fire escape outside of his house. It was fascinating stuff. I couldn't tear myself away from his Twitter feed. Verite's "Underdressed" reminds me a lot of that time period in my life. "Take me to the f***ing roof!"


According to Los Angeles sister duo XYLO, "BLK CLD" is a song about depressions. Their vowelless day of darkness inspired me to work on my own songs about depressions. I wanted to give mine a sort of food slant, so I selected Chocolate and Ice Cream as their working titles. Now I just have to remove some vowels and voila!, we've got "CHCLT" and "C CRM." Man ice cream is some vowel dependent SHT.

"Roxy" by Follin

Sticking with the whole sibling thing, Follin is what happens when Madeline Follin (of Cults) and Richie Follin (of Guards) take time out of their busy schedules to make some music together. Wanting to make it a truly family event, the two even got mom involved by doing some of the recording for their first batch of songs in her living room.

"Help Yourself" by Bryde

All my years of visiting terrible beachfront buffets that serve lukewarm desserts and slimy vegetables have been made totally worthwhile by spending just two minutes and fifty eight seconds listening to Bryde. Try it out. I guarantee, if you are a true American, you won't look at buffets the same.

"Sex, Lies and Destruction" by Blondfire

The handle fell off of my frying pan this week as I was in the middle of cooking up a mean stir fry. I thumbed through the pages of the informational booklet that came with it looking for a number to call. When I finally found it I dialed and was met with this message: "You knew it could only end one way, crash and burn." Erica from Blondfire seems to agree. Their new single "Sex, Lies and Destruction" is about dating bad boys/girls and the subsequent fiery ending that everyone knows is coming.

"Stuck" by Day Wave

"Stuck" by Day Wave is gluten free. It likes to go to sh**y movies just so it can eat candy. Sometimes it passes time by shooting baskets while Snapchatting in slow motion.


"Closer" by Cape Cub

You may think, as you watch the two lovers hold hands and dance in the shadows of a nuclear power plant in the video for "Closer" by Cape Cub, that this ballet could not actually happen in real life, that it is just some directors vision of a cool setting.  I disagree whole heartedly. My high school prom was held in front of a nuclear power plant. It is where I first danced with my wife. It is also the place where the seeds for my fifteen-toed son were first sewn.

"America" by XYLO

While politicians are busy squabbling about the size of their members, America is under siege by men and women in white and black who are busy capturing and transitioning broken hearted lovers into faceless beings. It is going to be a while before I can remove the video for "America" and Trump's hands from my mind.

"West Texas" by PWR BTTM

I was really scared for PWR BTTM throughout their video of "West Texas." I kept waiting for something bad to happen. I saw they were tweeting about their makeup last night so I am excited to know they made it out alive.

"Call the Police" by Tropical Zombie

What if gelatin was made from ground up zebra parts?

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