Friday, February 12, 2016

Listen: The Cabin Fever, The Chainsmokers and a Dutch Party Sighting

Valentine's Day is almost upon us. The Saints have been beheaded, the chocolate salted and frozen and the cherries properly soured. Before getting your bark on, soundtrack it with:

For years I've confused my irrational fear of losing a limb ("apotemnophobia")  with the fear of wide open spaces and uncontrollable social situations ("agoraphobia"). It has caused some very interesting conversations on the train. Thanks to the new single by The Cabin Fever, I think I've finally got it squared away. The track, "Agoraphobic," was accompanied by a write-up discussing that the inspiration for the song came from "the fear a person feels once they stop isolating themselves from the world and personal relationships." I kept waiting for the losing a limb bomb to drop. When it never came, I knew I had mucked something up. What I find intriguing about "Agoraphobic" is its soft, floating vocals and thoughtful lyrics. Despite not being an agoraphobic person, I can relate to the picture that the band paints. Be on the lookout for The Cabin Fever's debut album which will be dropping later this spring.

The Chainsmokers tired of regular cheese on their quesadilla. So they dialed up their pal Daya and had her vocals put the finishing touches on their brand new Mexican grilled cheese. They called the quesadilla "Don't Let Me Down." Only problem was that shit crashed before it ever saw the light of day. So they went back to the drawing board, rebuilt it from scratch and came up with something even better than the original. You can catch an excerpt of the final product below:

You want the whole shebang? Click it.

Dutch Party's "Lost Boy" plays out like a magician pulling upbeat pop sounds from his Peter Pan style top hat. I have a hard time believing that anyone can listen to this song and not feel like youth and defying nature are on their side. Everyone I've polled, save for my smart aleck partner in crime, has given this song two tights way up. This is the first teaser from Dutch Party this year. They've got an EP on the way so there is sure to be more.